Fan Fiction
Harmless Games Era Stories

Cutter - Rod Humble
     Chapter 1: Initiation
     Chapter 2: Truth
     Chapter 3: The new Athenians
     Chapter 4: Cornish Pastie
     Chapter 5: Confession

Rook 2 - Peasant's Paladin
  ...Rook let go of the man's neck with one hand, and caught the arm. The sound of bones breaking filled the squalid bar, a very audible series of cracks. The man's face paled...

Abandoned Ship - Zaphod Beeblebrox
  ...the sleek scout ship of the Collective Armed Forces slid thought the inky blackness of space toward the goliath of a transport. The running lights on the outside were still working perfectly. One could hardly tell it was a dead ship...

Untitled - Tranquil Rage
  ...I came up right behind the Leviathan and Black Thunder fired two more Panzer shots. The first hit and caused the entire Leviathan to blow up in an incredible explosion...

Sony Era Stories

Trident - - BioPlague
     Part 1 - ..."I got bogies all over!" screamed my gunner as I heard the autoloader locking a shell into place...
     Part 2 - ...but I saw no smile of any kind now...
     Part 3 - ...I had to do this quietly and without error in order to succeed...

Log Entry 1267 - Fallen Deity
  ...the sniper plowed two more rounds into Derrin, center mass. He gurgled blood and stretched out, took his last breath and copped out...

Trident - research monkey
  ...the Tridents were close now, using MG fire to tear at the defenders. The Collective troops were fanning out, preparing to charge the bunkers...

Trident - JTG(-)ostly020
  ...I held my breath... and closed my eyes as I could hear the Shells whistling in the air. I engaged my booster one last time... hoping I would maybe live a third time...

An Infantry Story - Endeavour
  ...a Grizzly squeezes off a lucky shot that hits the far left side of the ridge, leaving a hole were a Cliffside and 4 soldiers used to be. The Rippers quickly pull out their guns and start firing at the MRL...

The Pointlessness of War - 7hm
  ...the medic explodes as a grenade thrown from behind us hits him. I turn and pull back behind a rock. I see a grenade pass by me and hit a friend...

No Game Today... - NickGonzo
  ...they find their friends and head off to The Arena. None of the soldiers had time to change from their armor, and they still had their guns with them...

The Castillo Saga - Sabotage
     Part 1: The Leviathan
     Part 2: A Million Dead
     Part 3: The Trooper
     Part 4: Fratricide
     Part 5: Wasted Years

Black Watch - Templar1st
     Part 1 - ...the Collective troop jumped from the ground, and their strafe fire dispatching the last of the Titan troops...
     Part 2 - Chris was both at once interested, and depressed. He thought of all of them...
     Part 3 - ...they ran through the base with Titan troops trailing at their back. Their lack of armour gave them some what of a speed advantage...

I had this really weird dream... - Quizzical
  ...Last night at around 3 AM, someone came into my room and woke me up. Knowing that I had stayed up too late the previous night and had to get up at 6 the next morning to go to work, I wasn't too happy about this...

Elements of War - Junkrawk
  ...I knew there were scouts ahead of me, so I strolled towards the direction of the gunfire. I didn't get far. My eyes struggled to see, and I almost didn't catch the figures running toward me...

Battle of Tanarus - Blink00
  ...a fizzle in the radio and then... silence. Our last and best chance... gone...

The CAMMY Expedition - No I.D.
     Part 1 - ...Years before, a project called CAMMY had gone horribly wrong...

Nomadic Fools: Revolt - Junkrawk
  I charged him at full speed, kicking dust in his face. My knife made an arch in the night sky...

Crater - Tranquil Rage
  ...Tranq saw where the blast had come from, and saw the sniper turning his aim directly towards him...

Infiltration - Frondz
     Part 1: Infiltration - The beginning of John Razlins biggest undertaking yet, angered and taken advantage of, he must carry out the mission despite his feelings.
     Part 2: Contact - Months after the incident, Razlin has gradually slipped into poverty and depression, barely able to cope with the blood of innocents on his hands.

Station Escape - Nimph
  Their space station was assaulted by Europan raiders, how two men escape the jaws of impending doom, together.

Operation Parasite - Brer Fox
  A street thug turned Titan spy is sent to steal the Collectives black box prototype Trident and get out, alive. While Roland Hall and his Titan recon crew dig themselves into more Collective trouble than they can handle...

Assault on Brazen - Frondz
  A Collective team assaults a Titan base on the large asteroid, Brazen IX. Their help cannot arrive, however, until a THOR MLRS system is put out of commission. See how a motley squad manages to pull it off in Assault on Brazen.

Retribution - Frondz
  A brilliant look into the final days of the Kliest's Ridge conflict.

A Day Without Honor - Phillygun
  They beached themselves on a seemingly quite area of Titan, only to find themselves thrown into a gruesome three way battle between the most influential triad in the galaxy.

A Day of Defeat and Anguish - warriorpop & Phillygun
  One day he is an ordinary soldier, the next day he is a POW in a Titan holding facility. how will he escape? and what will happen when and if he does make it alive? a strong series spanning many authors.

Trapped - A Bug Hunt story - Brer Fox
  Jean Logan is a veteran CARI (Collective Aerospace Rescue Initiative) agent assigned with his team to investigate distress signals emitting from the ill-fated complex that housed the "Bug Hunt" massacre of a week past. But what he expected to be a rescue is now a desperate attempt to rescue himself..

Assault on Baldona - Nimph
  A team of Titan next generation mechanized mobile suits are assigned to eradicate the Collective super-fortress Baldona, stationed in the dense jungles of a terraformed part of Titan; what will Velsh and his blue team do when the going get's rough?

A Soldiers Story - DarkBondX
  They were sent to steal top-secret data, but they get into a little trouble on the way there... a story told through a soldiers eyes.