A Soldiers Story by DarkBondX

Seven days behind enemy lines, six men dead, five lucky shots, four bullets left, three seconds till attack, two men left, one chance. We dove into the open and with extreme and precise aim ambushed the small pack of men. I walked over to a corpse and pulled his ammo clip from his belt, this may sound bad, but war is hell. I'm Commander Chris Donald, the year is 2862 A.D., we are fighting against the Epsilons for the Ronsan Territory in the B6 quadrant. I am here with my two best men, Chase Brooks, and Jesse Downs, the worlds have changed since I was a child, war has engulfed everyone. From the children to the old folks, everyone hates everyone else, and they're not afraid to show it. We had just entered a small office building, there was the normal two desks, filing cabinet and papers scattered all over the floor, aside from the blood and dead bodies it's a pretty interesting building, all the information and writing is in Booyian. I figured we couldn't wait here forever, so on my command we all switched on our Cloaking Units rendering us invisible to the enemy and continued out of the building.

The court yard was massive and intriguing, many trees, mainly by the walls which kept the enemy out. Amongst the scattered trees were watch rippers, rippers were an advanced form of the dog, the main difference was the endurance and strength, one of those Rippers could pick up a car and run a mile with it. We slowly crept through the vast courtyard across the rocks, and slowly up a set of nearby stairs. Once we got to the top of the stairs we were on the large catwalk which went along the walls around the perimeter of the fortress. We could look out into the large, vast, canyon around us, this base was called Alpha Century, one of the main stations of the Epsilons. As we continued along the catwalk I couldn't help but notice a ripper investigating our direction, so I told the men to hurry, as we did Jesse began to lose his footing, slipped and hung dangling above one of the enemy troopers. We were all silent, no one moved a muscle, I knew we had to move fast to get Jesse back onto the catwalk, for if the trooper noticed our friend we would be executed. I slowly crept over to Jesse, grabbed his hand and pulled him up with ease.

We resumed our creeping along the catwalk until we finally reached a small metallic door, which had a card lock, I pulled out a 'lock pick' punched a few buttons in and slid the card through, with a beep it was approved and the door slid open. The room was quite a small room, it looked to be a guard room, with a few large guns locked in slits in the wall which could be maneuvered to shoot at things on the outside, a table and four chairs, a fridge, and a few large computers which took up one wall. We all took a seat to rest, we knew no one would come up because we watched it the day before at this time, and it would be another three hours until the next men came. We discussed what had happened, I smacked Jesse across the back of the head in good fun, and everyone had a good laugh about what happened, Jesse said "Man, I swear my heart dropped down to my big toe when I fell, I was so scared!" After a few minutes of chuckle we had to get back to business, our mission was to infiltrate the enemy station, and download the plans for their Top Secret Weapon, escape and bring it back to headquarters. I walked over to a computer, open up one of my leg pockets and pulled out a disk, I began typing madly on the computer searching the screen for the material I needed, Jesse and Chase just sat at the table discussing the recent events.

Yes! I found it, I slipped the disk into the drive as I did I looked back at Chase and Jesse but they were gone!

panicked searching with my eyes around the entire room, they were gone! Gone! Suddenly Jesse and Chase both dropped down from the roof scaring me half to death, they howled laughing loudly, I shushed them so that no one would hear us. Stupid guys... I continued my work on the computer and began the transfer and walked over to the table and sat down once again. "You know guys I think this stuff if getting too hard, I'm getting kind of old for this. I mean the big 30 this Monday." I said thinking over my career. "What are you talking about? Jesse and I are just as old as you! We joined the army the same time as you, so quit your complaining man, so you've got a wife and kids what's your point? We've always been here for the rush of being Commandos man! Remember your roots.... Heh Us! We're your roots, you can't give up on us now!" Chase said, I thought about it for a second. "You know... Your right, that was the only reason I joined the army, was for the rush of in fact being behind enemy lines, and kicking butt!" "You know you love it man, and your gonna stay with us, or else we'll have to quit as well! We've spent half our life here man, don't give it all up for nothing! I mean, do you really want to live the rest of your life working in let's say a hardware store? I think not!" Jesse said as we all had a chuckle about his remake on the hardware store.

I looked over at the computer and DING! The file was done. "Well the microwaves done, let's eat our popcorn boys." I said, that's a little bit of slang we use once an operations complete.

I quickly grabbed the disk as we exited the room back onto the catwalk. We crept along, until Jesse fell again, only this time he wasn't so lucky, he fell right onto an enemy trooper, that was the first time I'd seen any friends of mine killed. I was horrified, I wanted to jump onto the man and rip his eyes out. I couldn't mess up the mission, my commanding officer said I would experience a feeling like this if anything had happened to a friend, Chase had to pull me along the catwalk to the end, I began hyper ventilating, I began slowing down my breathing and resuming my normal breathing pattern, it seemed Jesse had pulled me to a small walled room type thing, it had no roof and one two exits, one to the catwalk, and one to the ground. "Jesse died man! Just like that! He's gone!" I was freaking out. "Man, calm down, Jesse died what he loved doing man, Jesse was one of the best. There's nothing you could have done! Forget it man, we have to finish the mission no matter what! We can't let this get in the way!" Chase seemed almost calm about this, but I could tell he was torn apart by the entire thing. We had no choice but to continue, as we exited the tiny room to the courtyard I was once again amazed by the beauty of it all, almost forgetting about Jesse I crept along through the courtyard. We made it to the main exit of the complex, but the door would be so loud anyone could notice it from anywhere in the complex, so we would have to wait until someone from the complex had to exit, so Chase and I waited. Hours later we were nearly asleep, but the doors opened and large hovertruck drove out, this was it! This was the time we had to move, and we had to move fast, I lead Chase and we went through the three sets of doors to the outside, we were out! It was great! Suddenly I felt the cold feeling of a gun against my head I shifted my eyes to see Jesse, I guessed he was joking around with the gun, so I pushed it away and gave him a hug. "Yes Chris, I'm alive man, but you won't be for long" He said in a sinister voice, I think he swung the button of this gun and hit me in the head with it, I blacked out. Upon awaking I found myself in handcuffs in a chair, in what seemed to be the main room of the complex, Jesse was sitting on a table talking with an Epsilon, and Chase was beside me chained, and knocked out. Jesse began to speak, "Hello there Chris, surprised to see me? I would hope so... Now you may be wondering in your puny little brain why I would do such a thing? I mean fake my own death in front of my best friends? Simple as the cash my friend, sure it was fun to work for the humans, to fight for our rights, but hell, it's gotten boring my friend! I need some action, the Epsilons paid me Six Trillion Buckazoids for you buddy, and well I could use the extra cash. The Epsilons say that you can live if you join us... Join me again Chris, we can help the Epsilons rule the galaxy! It's either you join us, or you die!" "Join the Epsilons eh? Six Trillion Buckazoids eh? Well you don't have a deal, I would never turn my back on my home country, you disgust me, turning your back on your best friend for money... Your not gonna get away with this, I guarantee it!" I said, I hated Jesse now, at first I was relieved to see he was alive, now I wanted to kill him. I remembered about my secret watch-lazer, fortunately they forgot to remove it from me while I was unconscious. I flipped open the watch, and began skillfully cutting the chains which bound me to the chair.

Jesse had left the room to go find the man which would execute us. I worked quick and with expert precision to slice through the chains and not the chair, nor myself. Finally I cut through the chains, but then Jesse gut back with our executioner. Chase slowly began to come to, realizing his surroundings began struggling with the chains desperately trying to break free, but to no prevail. I looked over at Chase, and he looked at me, ours eyes met and I gave him the A-O.K. glance we learned in military school, to tell your fellow man in a hostage situation you had everything under control. "Gentlemen, I'd like to introduce you to my friend here, his name is Chuck... Ha! What a name for the man who will chop you to bits, in an extremely painful way!" Jesse laughed at he spit this from his face. Chuck opened up a briefcase he was hold, and put it on the table to reveal a large number of pointy objects. Chuck looked over at me and laughed, he walked to me with a large needle and began gently rubbing it along my face laughing.

I smiled at him cursed at him once, then slugged him in the face. Everyone in the room was stunned, I had broken free! I proceeded to pound on my enemy until his head began to spout blood. A few men came to me to try and subdue me, but to their dismay without delay, I beat the pulp out of them, sidekicks and hooks, I even threw books, to defeat the men which attacked me. When the fight was finished I was the victor and they were on the ground clutching their special spots. "Well Jesse. It's your turn now... Let's see Six Trillion Buckazoids save your ass from this!" I said as the anger and hatred towards my former colleague began flowing through my veins. The bout was short and painful... For Jesse, I dominated the fight with hooks and reverse punches, until Jesse kicked me in my boys. I dropped to the ground and he kicked me in the face. I felt a cut above my eyebrow burst open as blood began to flow over my right eye. I swept Jesse off his feet sending him head over heels to the hard metal floor. I stomped Jesse a number of times till he zoned out. After cutting Chase's chains we had to get out of this place. The room we were in had two doors, a couple chairs, some consoles, tables, and a bunch of unconscious men. I investigated the consoles closer only to find out that we were in a ship of some sort. I ventured down the halls to find not one extra crew member on board, so we dragged the limp bodies to the cargo chute, and tossed them in, they eventually hit ground after falling a numerous amount of feet. Chase and I went back to the bridge where we had been tied up and brought this sucker home. Once we got back to base, I gave the disk to my commander and we all had some coffee.

The End