No Game Today... by NickGonzo

It was a cool August afternoon, as we find our hero Captain Nick Gonzo of the Collective Forces, leaving the traing camp. He is very exausted due to the vigourous training of many new recruits. As he goes to the locker room he runs in to his friend, Lieutenant RepoMan.

"I have been looking everywhere for you," says RepoMan, "We have to go to the game, remember?"
"Oh yea! We have to find Omega Ghost and StoopiD."
"I seen 'em over this way, lets go."

They find their friends and head off to The Arena. None of the soldiers had time to change from their armor, and they still had their guns with them.

"So, whos playing tonight?"
"Its gonna be the Novas againt the Devils"
"Yeah, its gonna be a good game!"
"Yep, semi-finals of the GravBall League."

As they get to the Arena, they hid their guns under their armor, as they were not about to leave their guns in the car. Too many theefs. They proceed in to the game. The game had already started and the score was: Novas - 1 | Devils - 2.

They got to their seats, and the ball was sent into play. The Novas quickly got the ball and made a good run onto the Devils territory. Forefall got the ball, passed it to crimson, who lined up to the goal and took a shot....GOOOAAAALLLL!! The Novas had gotten th ball again. They were making another good run with the ball, until the ball was stolen by egg. With the steal from egg, the Devils had quickly gotten to the Novas' goal and scored. The ball went back into play, both team quickly rushed for it...suddenly something crashed into the arena! The huge blast killed many spectators.

(Even the lonley guy doing the Wave by himself.)

A huge part of the wall was knocked out. All of the soldiers drew their guns, expecting the worst. As Capt. Gonzo loaded a Rifle Grenade into his Kuchler Assault Rifle, another crash. This time revealing the cause of this chaos.

It was a Titan Grizzle tank!

The players and fans were franticly trying to get out of the arena. The Tank gunner was showering the whole building with bullets from his machine gun. Many were not only harmed from bullets, but also from the rush of people to the doors. Many were found on the ground, being stampeded by many who didn't care.

The soldiers looked on in awe. They soon heard the scream of Ambulences' sirens.

Commander Omega Ghost instucted them, "Move in, Disable the tank! GO GO GO!"

As the soldiers moved in to attack the tank, StoopiD turned on his Com. link, and barked out,

"Trooper StoopiD of the fudog squadron, come in Controll Center!"
"This is Controll Center, go ahead Trooper StoopiD."
"A Titan Tank has attack the GravBall arena, requesting backup ASAP!"
"Roger that, over and out."

Capt. Gonzo aimed his gun and fired the rifle grenade at the tank's tracks. BAM! The grenade was really effective. RepoMan asked, "How many nades you guys got?". Omega answered, "Lets see, 10 frags and 6 Willy Petes." "Roger, lets go!" The four soldiers charged the tanks, bombarding the tank with grenades. The tank stopped moving. RepoMan climbed onto the the tank, he proceeded to open the hatch. He looked in and tossed a grenade in and quickly closed the hatch. They heard screams of terror right before the grenade went off. BOOM! ....silence.

StoopiD opened the com. link.
"Titan tank, disabled, over."
The soldiers heard something in the distance. "Whats that?" The sound seemed to come closer and closer. They soon saw hundereds of Titan Tanks headed their way.

"Awww crap! lets get out of here!!"
"I'm with you buddy"

*Crackle* "Uhh controll, major backup needed, the Titan troops have infiltrated our defences."
"Damnit! Sun of a Gun!! ...OK roger that soldier over and out"

"Hey look! what in Sam Hill is that?"
"Holy CowPatties RepoMan, thats a Titan Hornet!!"
"We're screwed..."
As the hornet got closer Gonzo jumped under the bleachers of the statium, as the others ran. The pilot of the Hornet soon spotted the three soldiers running, and informed his hull gunner. The Macine Gunner opened fire on the soldiers. Captain Gonzo heard the sound of the Machin gun. He sat up in horror as he heard the sound of his friends dying and seeing them hit the ground.

Gonzo soon heard the Titan gunner yell out, "Take that you Collective bastards!" ... "Haha we wins!"


Next time we find our hero trying to escape from the Titan Forces, but he soon has a run-in with a cloaked Raider from the Morgan military.