Battle of Tanarus by Blink00

The cool, dense air flourished over the horizon at dusk. I stand there..Face
to the vast horizon of the ground before me. Blood, Bullets, Bodies lie
cold..still on the ground, each containing a story.

My Assault Rifle in hand I step forward leading my pack of troops into what is to be their destiny.
Some of the Soldiers, not even fourteen, walk toe to toe,gun in hand, shivering with fear. The sensation of fear permeates their innocent young bodies. The smell of gunfire fills the vapid and crisp air, inhaling..I smell the sweat of Soldiers dying in combat.

Our mission..It is quite simple, Seek and Destroy all Collective Military Soldiers. As we continue to walk we hear the hovering disctinct whine of a thousand deathboards approaching faster..and faster. The young recruits feel
the fear in their eyes as they start to tense up, locking and loading their AR's. Over the horizon...50, no 100 Jump Troopers all racing at top speed. I load my AR and fire with ever determination of killing one of those Collective Bastards. I remember what happened with my father, the way of war killed him, and I was determined not to let that happen to me.

"Fire Men Fire!!" I shout. The Bullets rage with speed as they pierce into
the enemy, and yet they still come. I quickly pull out my Shotgun not thinking of my actions I load and...I load and Fire. Boom! Boom! The shotgun echoes of a thousand bullets across the wasted deadlands of Tanarus.

"Die Fuckers Die!" I yell with anticipation. The thumps of JT's falling of the boards echo through the cavern of the planet. Recruits run side-by-side screaming with fear in their young, and yet so dead. I see the
group of new recruits parish like a puff of dusk and swirl into a tornado of soul into the thin dense air. I leap behind a rock with my life, quickly teleport beaconing out to safety. I lay there..on the ground
alone..My Squad slaughtered before my very eyes..All I can do now is go on
fighting, fighting for the will of mankind, and fighting for the planet that was truthfully mine..

A Shadow quickly emerges across my face. I grab my AR and hop to my feet.

"Identify Yourself!" I Scream.

"Conquest, Sir! 74th Infantry, Sir!" Cq hollers back.

"How did u survive the attack?" I Question.

"I set a beacon before I entered battle." Cq Answers

"Smart...Follow Close...Don't get lost." We walk along the cursed wastelands
of Tanarus..Our Footsteps trembling the ground beneath us. Cq continues to talk my head off as I walk, I only wish i could smack him with my AR. But his Infantry Skills will be useful if we encounter any enemy patrols along the way.

"Well..We should go this way, before I beaconed out I received an emergency call from Sector 7, Infantry Squadron 88."

"Who's the Commander?" Cq Questions.

"I Think BLissID911 is the acting Commander, hes only a Storm Lord, Captain Emperor was killed by his own troops, I heard he bitched and moaned too much."


We continue our pace to Sector 7, CQ continues to talk, I reach for my AR but remember that I need his help and quickly control myself. The ground starts to shake..almost like a bunch of troops running. Out of the vast Smoke cover emerges emerges squadron 88, screaming and running for their forsaken miserable lives

"Get outta here!!!! Drop-Packers!" Bliss screams.

"Holy Shit!!!" I yell.

I run my ass off, Cq quickly following behind. The sound of the DP Blasters echoing in my ears, So close I pray I return to safety. Suddenly, out of the side of the Cliff appears a DP'er quickly firing into my direction.

"Nooo!!!!" Cq Yells as he leaps in front of me. The searing beams of energy pierce into his body, I quickly smell the burning of his flesh against my back.

"Cq! Cq!!! Answer me!!!" I Scream.

"I'm...hit.." Cq softly replies.

"You saved my life! Don't Die! Friend!" I Yell.

"Don't Forget me..I'm...gone.." Cq says then faintly falls limp. I lay there holding CQ into my arms, I ask god why he takes the people who truly love their job..Why was i so special for him to save my life. The DP'ers quickly
vanish over the horzion line as I lay there..alone..again..

Morning approaches, I stand there in the infinite abyss of the wastelands. All i have to live for are my Shotgun and Assault Rifle lying next to my shaken rough hand. Witnessing the slaughter of my squad, and losing the one solider who risked his life for me has drained me in more ways than one. As i continue my walk of absolute dispair I come across a wounded solider living off his rations.

"Ahoy there." I say


"I am Captian Blink00 from the 73rd Regiment Attack Squad." I murmer, feeling better at just being able to acknowledge another human being.

"I'v heard of you. I'm Sr. Commander 007_Sniper from the 41st Flightpack HoverSquadron."

"How did u end up out here?" I question warily

"My Squad was over-run by fifty Heavy-Weapons from the Collective Elite Alpha Squadron. We retreated over these hills but i took an Auto-Cannon to the foot and faked dead." 007_Sniper Responds.

"I see. Lemme help you up." I stutter.

I help 007_Sniper to his feet, I can smell the rotting flesh and inner bones of the wounded Commander but his mere presence assures me and I am not bothered by the odour.
We scurry along the desert searching for any kind of support or help not knowing what dangers may lie ahead in wait for us.

In the distance a Base looms into view, as we edge closer to the base I pull out my
binoculars and witness the Green flag flying in the wind.

"It's a Titan Base...Finally some support!!" I yell with excitement.

We quickly hurry up to the base doors hoping to encounter the welcoming arms of fellow grunts.
Instead, all that lies to greet us is the main door riddled with steaming hot bullet holes, an opening that freshly made by a round Recoiless Rifle HE, and just beyond the openingthe ground up remains of a medic who was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

"This dosen't look good if u ask me.." 007_Sniper says.

"You fucking think?" I yell.

Entering the base I can feel the hot air of a battle race over us, and smell the fresh
scent of the chambers of a Grenade Launcher being loaded over and over. Upon reaching the Radio Tower we can smell the faint residue of explosives and the mangled and fried wiring of burning electronics.

"You know, a Radio would be very useful to call for a backup." 007_Sniper

"A Radio? What do u think this is the Tanarus "Give me Tree?" This is the 2nd Outlining Post Base, I remember seeing pictures of it abord the Flying
Star Dropship. General Weltch informed of this base if my squadron was in ever need of assistance. He claimed this base was absolutely positively indestructable. *Sigh*..He's
just like his father LJC, Bold while at the same instance stupid." I amusingly respond.

"Well..We need to get off this Sector. There must be a communication device
to call for immdediate disembark from Tanarus. I dunno how long my leg can hold up with this wound. It could buckle and give out on me any second now." 007_Sniper whispers

"I know, I know. Let me think....You know I do remember my Radio Man, Private Dispell had my squadrons communication device, and before our intial
ambush he went off somewhere to get a better radio signal. If we find him, we find our way of this planet. His last destination was Sector 14, just
before we hit Sector 9 where my squad was you already know." I ambigiously respond.

"Well..When we came in I saw a Hoverbike over to the side next to the Barrels of Toxic Waste. If we can get that running we can use that for mobilization around this planet."

"Good Idea. Lets get on it, although I should tell you..At the Academy I was ranked last in spatial and mechanical engineering but top in Leadership. Basically I'm a good Leader but haven't a shot in hell of repairing things. Let's hope it works." I Say.

We stoll to the side of the Communication Tower, sure enough there saw a VTRX 31B Hoverbike. I helped 007_Sniper onto the bike, hopped on and hit the
accelerator. The smell of gasoline filled the hair as we zoomed off into desert. The
desert wind blowing in my hair, I felt like a private again on Earth riding around in my personall VTR39-G7 Hoverbike Turbo with Angelica on my back
whispering the words that made my body tingle ever so slowly.

"Man..This thing can sure fly!" 007_Sniper screams over the sound of the

After an hour or so of driving we arrive at our destination, Sector 14. We departed hoping to be rewarded with the reward of a working radio, we arrive only to face the grim truth. We may be stranded, there is no one in sight.

"I have no idea where he could be. Dispell is one of the biggest chickens in the unviverse, all he had was his plasma pistol and 4 frag grenades. But the
kid is a wizard on the communication devices." I stupidly say.

"Did u just call me a chicken?" A voice calls from behind

"Dispell!? How did u survive?" I ask with excitement.

"With this plasma pistol..this thing owns armor, I took out like 2 infiltrators who snuck up behind me. Luckily I had my Sensors on, you know how I get sometimes. Scared." Dispell Replies

"Dispell, Do you still have the communication device from the squad? We need evac. from this hellhole ASAP." I Ask

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, Lemme see if it still works."

A Fizzle in the radio and then...silence. Our last and best chance..gone.

Suddenly, a crackle sounds from the speaker and a voice comes over the radio.

"This is 2nd Seargant Yazour. Identify Yourself."

"Captian Blink00, 73rd Regiment Attack Squad. I need immediate recall from Sector 14 Coordinates 14-29-61-12-01. over."

"Thats a roger, Captain. We are currently headed to the Main Outpost at Sector 19. Sector 14 is much too dangerous to enter. We have received reports of numerous Collective Alpha Heavy Weapon attacks in that area. If you need
recall head to Sector 19. over."

"Roger That. over." I say dissapointedly.

I close the hand held radio.

"Sector 19?! Thats like 10 hours away..thats bogus!" Dispell Whines

"Will you Shut the Hell Up!?! Jeez, I know how to get there, We'll use the Hoverbike, I just hope it has enough gas left in the boosters to carry us 3.
If not we'll just ditch Dispell in the desert and let the Enemy Jumptroopers Grenade Launch him to death. Bahaha!!"

"What The *(#&#(*@&_(#*#@!!!!!!!!!" Dispell Screams

"Haha..Im kidding. But I would if I had to insure the survival of myself. keke"

With those ominous, yet pointedly jestful cracks we head on our way.

After a grueling 9 hour trip through the wastelands we reach the Main Outlying Base.
Upon arrival, we do not receive the warm welcome we hoped to receive.Instead we are immediatly arrested and taken to the General's Office.

"Who the hell do u think u are coming up to my base, Armed?" - The Unknown General Questions

"Im Captian Blink00 of th 73rd Regiment Attack Squad, This is Dispell my radio man, and 007_Sniper. My squad was ambushed and slaughtered and Dispell here was the only one left besides me. I found 007_Sniper wounded." I Reply

"Do you know who I am? Im Elite Commander XXXXX..Some people call me 'X5'. My Grandfather, Elite 3rd Star General Jeff Peterson (Aka Bagman) Ran this
base, and now I am in Charge. Friggin morons, running into a base with weapons locked and loaded. your lucky to be alive, you idiotic misfits. Uncuff them!" X5 Yells to the Guards

"Thank you Commander. I need recall from this planet back to Alpha Star As soon as possible. 007_Sniper is wounded and im just fucking sick of this planet. I'v killed more Collective, and seen more people die in the last 9 days
than I have in a lifetime."

"Recall? That can be granted, I'll set you up with a Dropship once the repairs are done." X5 Responds

Alert Alert! Enemy Sighted 100 yards out. Alert Alert!!

"Commander! The Enemy is attacking. I count 400 Jumptroopers and at least 1200 Heavy Weapons. Looks like General Arcades is leading them!!!" The Guard Screams Franticly

"Battle Stations! Captian Blink, I need you to fight with us. Guard! Get Blink a Kulcher AR249 and Ammo NOW!!!" X5 yells as he runs out of the room

(The Final Battle Begins)

I quickly run to the courtyard. Along the top of the base walls I see 50 Infantry pointing Assault Rifles at the approaching troops. The Heavy Weapons line up along side them, with the JumpTroopers on the building tops.

"Hey you! Get up here now!" A Soldier Screams

I Quickly run up the pathway to the top of the fortress and there I witness it. I see not far..maybe 50 yards away 1600 enemy soliders coming dead at us.
All of them trained killers, equipped with the best,trained by the best,and led by the most ruthless of leaders. Arcades had a reputation that preceded where ever he led his troops. His troops were rumoured to be the best that
the Collective milita space empire had to offer. Survivors from his assaults, there were very few,reported heavies so well trained that their movement speed matched those a nominally equipped infantry.I suddenly remember this base only supports a total of 860 troops and dread fills my throat.

My mouth dries in anticipation of the fight to come, of the inevitable slaughter that would ensue. The only question being who would be the ones to be slaughtered?

As I scan the ranks of troops, I suddenly see Arcades. He is not in a command cruiser like many other commanders.
No, he is in the midst of his most trusted soldiers. Fighting along side them as one. He runs in his Red Uniform with the Gold Stars on his chest. The Legendary Arcades.

"25 yards! Don't shoot till you see the whites of their eyes! Take aim! STEADY!!! WAIT FOR IT....."
The Base Commander yells

As the troops edge closer I can feel the blood rushing in my arms, my heart pounding in my chest, the airing flushing to and from my lungs.Dust from the desert floor crawls up the top of the base as the advance of the incoming soldiers shakes it up blinding some of the troops.

Without warning one of the conscripts panics and fires his battle rifle accidentally. The mistake is small, the impact is huge.

With that single the dogs of war were released with abandon and there was no turning back.


That is the only sound I hear, as inexperienced soldiers who do not understand the importance of cover fall left and right.As I return fire with my assault rifle, I subconsciously realise that the reason my armor is so slick is because I am covered with the brains and blood of my fellow soldiers. Even as we pound from above on the advancing army, I notice that our losses are much heavier even though we maintain the high ground. As I take out JT after JT as they snipe at my comrades I notice a flicker in my vision.Taking a sensor pack from a headless grunt who no longer needs it I couple it to my suit and flick it on. I notice the visible flickerin my shields as power is shunted but it's a risk I am willing to take.

To my horror and dismay I see why our losses are so severe. The heavies, although they are taking a huge toll on our forces are merely a shield for the real danger.
Being sandwiched between the heavies and their heavy armour are countless cloaked commandos, calmly sniping soldier after soldier as the heavies provide a human shield for them.

The soldier next to me falls to the ground. I can see the hole of the Particle Accelerator in his chest, and I smell the rotting of his ribcage in my nose. I am both enraged and appreciative. Many of my fellow soldiers have died to this dirty tactic, but I must acknowledge that it has worked both effectively and quickly enough that warning was able to get out about it in time. A PA slams into the durasteel in front of me and quickly brings me back to reality.

I quickly take aim...and forget self-control.

Bullets rage and rend flesh like a hot knife through butter. The screams of death are drowned out by my own scream of anger and bravado.In the midst of the attack the thumping echo of recoilless rifle fire floats through the air. Is this the sound of my own destruction?

Is this what my life has been about? Titan and Collective Milita fighting an everlasting struggle for the right to be the god of this planet and in the long run the entire galactic core. But now is not the time for such musings.
My Foes fall one by one next to me in the heart of the attack. I see the bullet that enters my left shoulder and do not truly recognize the significance of this event.
It is the pain that tells me its true significance. It rushes into my head and throughout my body like molten hellfire coursing through my very veins. The pain is unbearable. But the alternate is death, and death is worse than pain.

The blood pools across my padded Cmp6 armor as resist valiantly. Over and Over I fire each bullet sent with a prayer that it will pierce into one of the opposing troops.
The Enemy reach the front gate in a blaze of gunfire that destroys both the gates and those who guarded it. I can hear the bang of the gate being pounded by the force of Grenade Launcher's hitting it as it is forcibly widened to allow passage for more troops.

Within minutes the front door explodes open revealing at least 500 enemies. I quickly jump down, and unleash hell.
*Boom! Boom!* I unload my AR into a JT running at me, his blood squirts across my battle-scarred face. I grab
my shotgun off my back and load it and run backwards firing it with rage. The enemy falls surprisingly easily to thr tune of thousand buckshot.

Suddenly, as abruptly as it started the battle ends. There is no gunfire, only....Dead Silence. This scares me more than the combined firepower of thirty hornet attack choppers.

As my hands start to relax around my shotgun, and blood begins returning to my white knuckles I hear an unwelcome surprise.

"You are all under arrest from the Royal Collective Army! Hail Arcades!" A
Collective Captian Yells

He appears. Pistol in his hand, he looks at the rotting bodies on the ground, all shattered in the heat of battle. Approaching me, he can smell the fear that I give off from my battered and bloody shell of a body.

"Well Well..Captian Blink00. I'v been looking for you. You killed my brother Paras back in 4023 on Lunarus." Arcades mummers

"Paras? mean the wussie bastard who ran at me with a comabt knife. Because he dropped his gun when I surprised him?Yeah I killed him, I would have sent you his head but I didnt know your adress."

"Blink00. Your courage and prudence surprises me. My brother was a pale example of man, but you have been sentenced to die.Although, your words ring true I will still take great pleasure in killing you myself and avenging the memory of my brother
Any last requests before I send your forsaken soul to depths of hell and burn your body so that it can be scattered to the wind?"

"No. I die knowing I fought for what I believe in."


That is the only sound I hear as I am forcibly ejected from this world. The hammer striking the bullet ends my life.
The bullet that pierces my chest like a thousand knives.
I feel it entering my chest and forcing itself through my intestines.

As I lay there on the ground I remember what my Father Said to me long ago in a better time and better place...
"Do it not for work. But do it for what you believe in."
As I lay there...dying, I remember what I had truly fought for.
Global Domination.


(Special Thanks to Magicdonut for Grammer Checking this for me)