Untitled by Tranquil Rage

I heard myself grunt as I flew around the corner. The Hornet I was piloting followed my every command, whether to fly toward a Heavy Trident Tank, or to attack a lone Exo Suit wandering below.

I came around a corner between two buildings, and saw a tank before me. There was a slight raise in the ground in the distance, a small plateau, and a wide-open area, before a large building. This was probably the famous Gladiator Arena of Eol. The large space before it must have been a parking lot. Now it was empty of civilian vehicles. All that could be seen was a lone civilian jetbike screaming toward me. I guess it had been found by one of the enemy troops in the area; several such vehicles were around this place. As it turned toward me, a Leviathan heavy assault vehicle came around the bend behind me. The jetbike pilot must have seen this, as he made a jump and darted off across the landscape. In the Hornet Gunship I had two partners. Each of them had control of some vital systems, as I had control of its flight. I switched the Teleport Disrupter on to make sure none of the Trident crew got away, and turned my sensors on to make sure no commandos were about.

My Turreter was called Lord Charley. Some people had weird call signs here, but to each their own. Some even thought Tranquil Rage was weird. The Turreter had control over a hull machine gun. This had a wide arc of fire, from 45º left of the nose, to 45º right. This machine gun spewed at 5-round bursts, large MG bullets, that did a massive amount of damage to anyone stupid enough to get in its way.

My Gunner had a more sensible call sign; Black Thunder. He controlled the Gunships HIVAP system. The HIVAPs were HIgh Velocity Anti Personnel rockets. They fired two bursts of two rockets directly from the noze of the aircraft. They did massive damage to anyone on foot, and a fair amount of damage to vehicles. Also equipped in the HIVAP was a Panzer rocket system. This fired two, high density darts from the nose. These were devastating to any vehicles or turrets they hit.

The Leviathan fired a hellbore plasma shot toward me. Its brilliant red light shone across the floor and arced gracefully into the tail of my Gunship. I saw my Unit damage decrease by a good 120 hit points. I turned the Gunship to face the Leviathan, and Black Thunder fired four HIVAP’s and two Panzers at it. they all collided with the huge, slow moving tank. I saw the huge Thor MRLS (Multiple Rocket Launcher System) explode with a blinding flash. There were Infantry in the Leviathan that were firing small arms at me. They wouldn’t penetrate the armour though. I was starting to worry. Another hit of that hellbore plasma would destroy my Gunship.

I darted toward the Leviathan and sprinted at full speed up the road I had just come from. On my left side was UnitTech Labs. This was where all the new weaponry of Eol was made. At the end of the road was a slight raise in the ground, a small hill. I Hyper-sprinted into it, and leaped hundreds of feet into the air. I came down on the top of UnitTech Labs. It had 3 layers to it, the bottom layer was low down, and had a smooth ramp toward the next, which I was flying along right now. The third was un-passable. I dropped the Gunship to the first layer and hyper sped into the ramp. The Gunship launched hundreds of feet into the air, and I was now right above the Leviathan.

I spun the Gunship, to give the impression I was crashing, but as I did so, I released a huge HE bomb from the undercarriage of the Gunship. The bomb fell slowly downward and gave a huge explosion as it hit. I saw four soldiers leap from the wreck. The Tank was now heavily damaged. Only the Driver compartment was still functioning. The Driver was trying to drive to safety, and the Infantry were throwing White Phosphor and Fragmentation grenades at me. I turned toward them and Lord Charley finished them with his Machine Gun, with some help from Black Thunder’s HIVAPs.

I gave pursuit! I followed the Leviathan across a long straight road. Every now and then, a few infantry would ‘attach’ to the driver. Attaching was a simple method of transportation that involved the passage of one soldier’s cells across a radio channel. It was incredibly accurate, and a great help. Seeing these infantry before me gave me an idea; why not let someone else have some fun? I called out on public radio frequencies, “FREE KILLS AT G2, CRIPPLED LEVIATHAN PLUS INFANTRY!!!” then I called on friendly, secure radio frequencies, “I need some assistance here at G2, one or two HeavyWeapons, plus a good Infantry”. I saw them attach before me and engage the enemy soldiers. The Heavies started firing heavy Recoilless Rifle’s at the crippled Leviathan as it fled, and even a few Plasma Cannon shots.

I came up right behind the Leviathan and Black Thunder fired two more Panzer shots. The first hit and caused the entire Leviathan to blow up in an incredible explosion. The second flew on up the road, where in the distance, I could see some walls, and Auto Turrets. This must’ve been where the Leviathan was headed. The Panzer hit a Rocket Turret in the centre of the base. The Turret blew up, in an incredible explosion, and several rockets spread across the base. Now I couldn’t just leave them sit there could I??? I aimed the Gunship carefully, and Black Thunder fired some HIVAPS into the base. They exploded near the centre of the base and the fragments caused the rockets to explode. The entire base went up in a huge fireball. I heard my partners screaming shouts of joy from behind me. “Good work, team.” I said on the private radio, then on Public frequencies, “hehehe, base at F2 destroyed by me and my Gunship, have a nice day (.” I heard several curses in response and went off to find a place for repairs. I looked at the mini-computer on my wrist. It told me I had a 105 bounty. This was all that can be expected of a pilot with only one, slow reloading weapon… I checked out my bank credit. 1.7million credits. I’d made almost 500k in only half an hour, thanks to my driving skills, and having some cool gunners :P.