Black Watch by Templar1st - Part 3

Chris Godwinson Lt, former DEPOLID, and of the 34th light collective light infantry regiment, was rapidly recovering. Apparently, he was being treated as a high priority, and was receiving medical attention, 24/7. 'They want Black Watch operational asap (as soon as possible), the only reason why I am receiving this kind of treatmeant.' Chris thought silently, while he raised himself out of the bed to greet Captain Taylor as he walked through the door.

'Howdy sir,' he greeted with a weak salute.

'Good day lieutenent,' Taylor replied with a small smile. 'How are we feeling today?' 'Fine sir.'

'Good,' Taylor said. 'I have some one I want you to meet. Can you walk?'

'Yes sir.'

'None of that formality, please, call me Tom.'

'All right Tom.' Chris said as he got slowly to his feet. It was nice to be able to walk again. 'Where to Tom?' he asked.

'How does the range sound?'

'Sounds great,.' Chris found shooting a great way to release stress. 'Lead the way sir.'

Taylor lead Chris down a seris of bleak grey undistunguishable hallways.

It's occupants were doctors and various soldiers, hustling around, carrying all matter of firearms, containers, and folders. They wore the customary Red uniform of Collective beuracrates and soldiers.

The arrived at the range some fifteen minutes after they had set out from the medical ward, making Chris appreciate the size of the complex. They found a large man there waiting for them. He had short brown hair (cut with regardance to military regulations) and a neck the size of most people's boots.

'Lt Godwinson, meet Sargeant Edward Morris.'

Morris extended his hand and Chris shook it instantly regretting it. This man's grip was like a vice. 'Good to meet you Sargent-'

'Please, call me Eddie.'

'Please to meet you Eddie.'

'Eddie here,' Taylor introduced 'is the former commander of the CAPMC advance scouting force.'

'Good post?'

'Oh yeah,' Morris replied 'Some of the best troops in the Collective military under my command.'

'You remember the incident with the sabotaging of the Titan orbital Weapons platform several months again?'

'Yeah, a bunch of Collective spec ops troopers rigged a weapons relay to collide with a orbital mineral warehouse.' Chris looked at Morris. 'Your men did that?'

'No,' Morris shook his head. 'We did gather the advance intelligence required for the sabotage.'

'So are you a field spook?'

'Something like that...'

That meant whatever he had done before, Chris didn't need to know.

'What post do you have now?' Chris asked.

'Simulated four star sargent, of Black Watch.' Morris replied, looking around to see if anyone had heard him. If they didn't already know, they didn't need to know.


'Thats why I introduced you too,' Taylor announced. 'You too will be working very closely together. Eddie, Chris here will be simulated Sub Commander of Black Watch. You'll be working under him.'

Morris snapped to attention and saluted. 'Sir.'

Chris laughed and said 'Dont need any of that crap around me. I am sure you would out rank me if you took half the promotions offered to you.'

'Well,' Captain Taylor said. 'What do you say we go fire off some rounds.?'

'Yeah sure,' Morris agreed. He lead them to a small storage room at the back of the shooting range and handed to each their preferred primary and secondary weapons. Chris took a Kuchler AR 249 and a fletchette rifle. Morris took a Maklov LMG Mk 6 and a Maklov G7 PSMG. Taylor took two Unitech 0 SMGs and they headed out to the range.

Chris was astounded by the ability of his companions. Taylor was able to hold both Uniteh 0s and got off 10 rounds before the others did, all with in the inner rings of the circular target which bobbed up and down. Morris was able to control his LMG's recoil magnificently, though with out the same degree of accuracy as Taylor. With the G7, his aim was flawless, landing 5 rounds, into the targets, centermost circle. Chris was somehow embarassed that with his Kuchler, a weapon with almost no noticeble recoil, he was only able to manage to acheive the same degree of accuracy as Morris's high recoil LMG. The fletchette was slightly better, but still not to his satisfaction.

'Your problem,' Taylor said to Chris as they headed for the storage room to put apart their weapons 'is that you shoot from the waist. That is ok in a heated battle with enemy everywhere, since the AR is easier to control from that position. But as you know doubt learned in DEPOLID, is that spec ops often requires a higher degree of accuracy, therefore requiring you to fire from the shoulder.'

It was then when they felt the ground beneath them shake and sparks fly from the outlets scattered over the barracks.

'Attention,' a paniced soldier on the announcer announced. 'We are being bombarded with weapons fire from a Titan assault shuttle. They've sent a fleet after us. A group of their troops have already entered the base and are approaching the command center. All personnel, report to hangers for immediate base evacuation. This is not a drill!'

'Crap,' Taylor said. 'We don't have any combat armour stored here and-,' A jump trooper on a drop pack flew through the door to the range, drop pack blasters firing. It was Morris whom reacted first diving for the ground, and letting off five rounds from his G7 in the progress. The five plasma rounds hit the the JT's head, head-on, and with no pilot, the drop pack drove straight into a wall.

'If they've already gotten this far, we gotta hurry.' Taylor said.

The three sprinted out of the range, their primary weapons in hand, with their secondary slung around their backs. They raced down the hall ways, twisting turning. Chris had no idea where he was heading, depending on his companions' knowkedge of the barracks. Taylor motioned for them to be quiet as they approached the entrance to the dry dock. Leaning against the wall they looked in.

And what they saw was carnage. All over the floor lay dead collective troops and beuracrates. Then, their eyes fixed on the Titan assault shuttles parked in the center of the dock.

'They were bloody waiting for us,' Taylor diagnosed. 'They knew we had to come this way, and they were prepared. Lets go.'

'Stop right there!' A Titan Marine yelled out in warning. His last mistake. Chris pivoted, bought the Kuchler to his shoulder like Captain Taylor had instructed, and let off a three round burst into the Marine's head. Startled by the noise, Titan troops in the dry dock turned to their direction.

'Where to?' Chris asked Taylor.

'To the cargo warehouse. Theres a freighter there on the ready. MOVE!'

They ran through the base with Titan troops trailing at their back. Their lack of armour gave them some what of a speed advantage, but the immensize of the base made for a hard run. They arrived at a elevator which they took up several stories. They got off and ran down a corridor which lead to the warehouse. The Titan troops arrived on the elevator behind them, and readying his LMG, sprayed them with fire, wasting the entire troop. They got into the warehouse, and found the freighter. It was an older bulky model, used by poor merchants. They raced up a ramp, and Taylor got into the pilots seat with Morris next to him at the co-pilots controls. Chris strapped himself in to the comm station. They freighter fired up and headed towards the exit tunnel.

'Pray that they havn't wasted central control yet,' Taylor said as he punched in his operation code and relayed a order to the computers at the barracks central control, instucting the doors to free space to open. They did and the freighter blasted clear of the bleak triton surface. They felt the shuttle shake, and Chris glanced at the Comm station and reported 'Reading Tango, 45 degrees, 2o'clock. The freighte r shook again and Morris shouted 'They're shooting bloody Rail Guns at us!.'

'Hit full throttle.' Taylor shouted, taking the freighter to its limits, blasting free of Triton's gravitational field, heading out and away from the Neptune system of satellites.

To be continued....

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