Assault on Baldona by "Nimph"

Assault on Baldona Written by "Nimph"

Fourteen huge 16.6 meter tall machines were slowly marching their way through the thick jungles on to the small enemy camp. The mechs began firing round after round of bullets from their giant machine guns, while two other mechs from the back of the assault line were firing their plasma cannons supporting the main attack mechs. "Velsh get out of there! Fly back and stay near the heavy weapons mechs, we cant lose any more mechs right now when we are finally reaching our target!" 1st Lt. Daniel Velsh quickly hit the ignition for his jets on his mechs feet to turn on, his mech started flying upwards into the air while being pushed backwards by propulsion jets, the heat of his jets destroying the dense jungle beneath him. "Velsh the support mechs are taking a beating by guerilla's on the ground, lay down some heavy machine gun fire down at the hot spots." Velsh pushed down sideways with his feet on the pedals of his mech to move the mechs legs closer to its stomach, making the jets flip the mech, Velsh quickly cut off the engines to the jets in midair and went crashing down behind the support mechs and the guerilla troops and began firing on the guerilla's with his B9-Kuchler main issue assault rifle. Tiny explosions escaped out of the think underbrush and his mechs sensors were finding small heat sources running away from the explosions.

"Alright boys, Blue One here, eight and nine have been able to break through the Titan defenses in sector D-9a2. Everybody lets follow them in and bring justice to these insignificant rebels. Everybody, Move out!" Velsh started working the pedals and his mech started marching forward, heading towards the coordinates given to him by his leader. Velsh could hear the pings of bullets hitting his mech a few times every minute as the few surviving guerilla's shot at him. All important targets in the sector had been taken out by his team, now they moved on to another target.

The moon Titan, a moon of Saturn, had one hundred and fifty five years ago been terra formed to support human life and now had jungles across almost half the moon. The people of Titan rebeled though against the Collective Military years ago and were crushed, and now they are rebeling again after years of peace, and now Velsh was sent to this world to keep it under control of the Collective. The Titan Militia's were giving their best to the Collective, but were no match to the Collective's more advanced weaponry.

Velsh's cockpit rocked as his mech took a blow from another mobile suit, Velsh pulled out the knife in the left arm of the mech and slashed at the enemy suit. He struck down from above cutting across the enemy suits chest, then brought his knife back up to slice the head off the mech. Velsh quickly hit the ignition for his propulsion jets as soon as the siren went off telling him he was being targeted. Three light anti-tank weapons(LAW) flew past the front of Velsh's mech, and Velsh sighed in relief and quickly spun the mech and shot up into the air and started firing into the dense jungle where the light anti-tank weapons came from.

Two more light anti-tank weapons came out form the jungle, Velsh quickly adjusted his aim and took out the two light anti-tank weapons launchers. The Titans don't have the proper weapons to fight the mechs, but their anti-tank missles worked just as fine. Keeping the Blue mech squad on their toes.

"This is Blue four here, Blue three was just taken down by another group of mechs, they aren't using the same armor as us to be qualified as a proper mech, but they sure are weird mechs. Must be a new type the Titans have created. Please come quickly though, Im hiding and their coming closer to me as they fight off our brother squad Devil Flight. I've already met one of these new suits in combat and lost my mech's left arm, and I overheated my gun." "Sit tight Blue Four, Blue Squadron, get to sector D-9b6. We'll meet up there then help our brother squad fight these new mobile suits. Report conditions while heading in." Each mech pilot reported in their status of their mechs condition and started backing away from their current fight and headed to the coordinates given to them by their squad leader.

Velsh was arriving towards the coordinates when suddenly twenty bright lights blinked to life on the ground and shot up into the air like fireworks but started flying behind him, Velsh quickly noticed the net they were pulling and pulled out his knife form the arm of his mobile suit and started slicing at the net. Sparks were flying from where the net was cut through from the blade on the end of the arm, the net was charged with electricity, ready to fry the mechs computers at touch, luckily the blade was de-electricized everytime it hit something, if not when it would be used in a fight, the friction created would ruin the blade and the mech by making static electricity. Velsh couldn't avid the problem he had now, he hit the distress beacon button as more nets were launched into the air and he was bombarded by the artillery of tanks below. Velsh's mech began to groan as its gears couldn't handle the stress of moving itself when explosions were pushing it back. The mech started falling over as one tank scored a lucky hit after his fellow tanks had already hit Velsh's mech's leg joint. The tank blew a hole right through the joint ripping the leg off. Velsh hit the propulsion jets and started spinning wildly as the only jet left on the other foot put him into the air. Velsh turned off the jet, and put on the emergency packs in the back of the mobile suit. The mech began dancing and hopping off the ground while laying down some heavy fire on the tanks. The nets started to catch up to the mech and fell over it. The mech tried to dispel of the extra energy being put on its outer shell, but to much was there to handle. The lights in the cockpit started to dim. Velsh realized he'd been holding his breath the entire time and his lungs felt as if on fire. He quickly gasped for air and concentrated on the fight again. His controls and view screens started shooting sparks at him, he kept on fighting, holding onto the controls.

His status screened bleeped and changed into an outside camera, showing seven cargo ships up above, with marks showing it was Collective Military ships. "Blue Mobile Suit squadron, this is Collective Cargo ship One. We'll be dropping down munitions and two extra mechs to replace the damaged mechs. Take care, we'll be dropping them at sector D-9b2. Over and out." "Blue Squadron, head over to those coordinates, Blue Four and Eleven, eject from your damaged mechs and get to those coords now!" Velsh hearing his number called, Eleven, started flying in the direction of where the cargo ships were dropping his new mech. His mech was horribly damaged and most of its body undecipherable as to what is once was. The emergency jetpacks were still going strong for him but would soon run out of energy and he'd crash into the ground. Velsh still had two more nets to cut off him, he ripped them out of the ground so they could no longer damaged his mech. But the guerilla's below were still firing away, supporting the stubborn tanks barraging him.

Velsh destroyed another tank just when his machine gun ran out of its ammo, spinning its tip with no bullets coming out. Velsh threw the gun at two tanks crushing them and pulled out his beam saber and flipped out the small blade from the left arm. Now spinning and hopping Velsh neatly cut through the tanks in his way of getting to the drop zone. Two alarms started beeping on his console showing he was low on fuel and had a leak in the fuel container. He swore as a rocket exploded on the back of his mech, he pumped more energy into his jet pack from his beam saber and flew faster towards the drop zone. Two Titan mobile suits came out of the ground, obviously buried since they had dirt and trees sitting on their shoulders. Both of the enemy mobile suits took out beam sabers and slashed at Velsh's mech. Velsh blocked both attacks with his blade and beam saber. He neatly fell to his left, stabbed one mobile suit in the arm with his blade pulling the enemy suit with him down to the ground, and then flew up into the air. The enemy suit was pulled into the air with Velsh and then was dismembered by the blade in held in the right arm of Velsh's mech. Velsh tossed the arm stuck to his blade and then charged the remaining mobile suit. The enemy suit crouched down and leaped at Velsh. Velsh swung his beam saber at the enemy suit, and had his blow deflected, but he scored a hit with his blade, messily cutting off the mobile suits head. The enemy suit now having all its sensors in the head was blind as a bat, and was left behind by Velsh as he was coming up on the drop zone.

Velsh arrived at the drop zone just as the crates landed on the ground. "Blue Eleven good job with the broken mech, Blue Four, also good job with your suit. Now both of you get into your new mech. Were going to attack Baldona now. The other three squads have gotten into their positions and are waiting for our arrival. Hara out." Hara was the name of the squads leader, veteran of the first Titan rebellion, lucky enough to survive the war without losing his life like many brave soldiers, was given the Blue squadron to command. The squad was famous for its ability to take so much damage to their mechs and somehow have all pilots survive. Blue three is the first Blue Squadron pilot to die since the squads creation back in the first Titan rebellion. The squads record was now blotched, but still had its great fighting ability unharmed. "Oh yeah, Im sorry about Blue Three boys, Evins was a good man and a friend to all of us. I'll make sure he has a proper funeral when we get back home."

Thirty four hours later Blue squadron arrived at its designated arrival zone, ready to begin the attack on the fortress of Baldona. The Fortress was built by the Collective Military after the first Titan rebellion, and when the new war broke out the fortress was overtaken by the Titan Militia. It was now Blue squadrons and three other squadrons job, to take it back. 'This is Falcon Flight leader, Blue, Darkhood, and Demon squads, commence your attacks on Baldona, try to keep as much of the fortress intact, but destroy any enemy you see. We want this thing so we can use it against the Titans again. Alright, lets get this party rocking. Falcon One out." Velsh started his new mech into the fastest silent march he could manage. The jungle in this area was full of wildlife, so the sounds of the jungle somewhat cloaked the sounds of the mechs crunching through the jungle. "This is Blue One, keep comm silence until we reach Baldona and begin attacking."

Velsh was turning around a corner of a mountain when he saw it, Baldona, the fortress was huge, and beautiful in a technological sort of way. The fortress seemed as if it was impenetrable and could not be destroyed. But today Blue squadron would change that. Beams of light started appearing from the jungle around the fortress and Velsh understood that the first two squads had arrived and were attacking now, the plan was to have two squads attack, then have the other two come in at the peaceful side and surprise the fortress. Blue and Demon squads had the job of surprising Baldona. "Demon four here, Im picking up multiple contacts at the north side of Baldona who are currently not involved in the fight. Making them outnumber us in total suits. I think that-" "Shutup four, maintain comm silence. We'll handle the problem when were there."

Ten minutes after Demon Four picked up the enemy contacts, Blue and Demon squad were attacking the fortress. Velsh hit the ignition on the jets for his mech and flew at the wall of the Fortress, Baldona, using his new standard issue Maklov assault rifle to pick off the gun turrets on the walls of the fortress. Velsh started concentrating his fire on a wall surround a window, making a hole big enough for his mech he flew through the wall knocking off little pieces of the wall where he didn't fit all the way, and landed himself inside a giant ballroom. Velsh threw the demo packs given to him from the crates that were from the cargo ships. And quickly lauched himself back outside into the warzone with a explosion of fire following him outside. Sirens went off warning Velsh of targeting locks, Velsh increased the speed of his mech as it raced away from the fortress, but was caught by fire of laser turrets and was knocked out of the sky, crashing into the ground. The last thing Velsh saw before he went unconscious was the streaks of lasers cutting through the air and the gleam of rockets and missiles heading towards his downed mech.

"Wake up Velsh," Velsh's vision showed a blurry image of some one, when it was back to normal he had pain in his head and saw Hara sitting above him, 'Its all over kid, Baldona is ours. Good job there, your demo packs won the fight, knocked out their power for their turrets. Get better kid."