Nomadic Fools: Revolt by Junkrawk

After our last encounter with Collective, the enemy advance was halted. Not only halted, but knocked from a full charge to a full retreat in less than twenty-four hours. Red bases throughout our sector were abandonned, and the sound of any gunfire, mortars, or artillery were absent from the daily routine. Collie was full steam back to the barren sector around forty-five degrees north and twenty-five west. The great desert of Mars, Hades Plains.

If there is one place you do not want to fight for an extended period of time, Hades Plains is it. Thousands of miles of sand. The wind cuts through there like a knife, kicking up the reddish dust and painting the sky with it. Sunlight is abundant, yet, for reasons not yet known to science (no one would dare send valuable scientists into a hellhole like that one to figure this one out), the sun itself can't be seen.

Collective is able to weather an area like Hades Plains because its a machine. Collective works as one, not moving as individual soldiers, but as one giant killing organism. Collie would tear us to shreds, their formations and military knowledge would slaughter every last Titan in existence.

Me and the 234th Infantry Division, dubbed "Terror Hawks", were stationed at forty-five north and nineteen west, in a relatively large base tagged Cobra Pit. We were here with the larger 256th and 401st Infantries and the elite 88th Jump Troopers. I was in command of a squad consisting of twenty or so men. I'm not the best in combat, but strategically speaking, I've got them all outranked. I'm Junkrawk, graduated 8th out of MacCallister Basic. Many of the people I'm with were there with me.

Evil Knight, KiLLa Trancis, Maverickhunter, and Demonoid Phenomenon all graduated same day, higher than me of course. Evil and Demon are brothers, and somehow got stationed together. Omega Weapon changed classes, and is now one of our best marines. I have since been promoted to Captain, and I'm now in charge of a large part of the Terror Hawk Division, Nine Breaker Company. There are countless men under my command. Each of them has his place.

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