Trident by JTG(-)ostly020

--Titan Base Camp--

It was a few hours after the initial battle over hill 201 most of the troops in our Team had been sent into the battle with the rest of the reinforcement troops. I was sitting on the back-end of the APC as it ferried us across the acidic river.
"Hey, you got a smoke on ya?" The marine sitting beside me and asked.

"No. I don't smoke, heard it can kill ya." I replied.

"Hey, we're going out there to die anyway! Remember, we only live once."

Not for me - I thought to myself - It had been twice that fought a battle and lived to tell about it. I had been promoted to rank Elite Captain last week and recieve many awards on the first day after. Of course this was nothing to brag about because more than 500 officers were once captains.

The marine beside me finally manages to grab a cigarette from his friend, and offered me one.

"want one?" He asked.

"Nah, if Im gonna die, at least I'll die healthy"

"fine, suit yerself"

The APC jolted as we finally reached the shoreline. The driver opened the door that lead to the cockpit and walked slowly across the passenger area. He looked up at me and smiled, "Well mr.captain sir, this is it!"

"Hill 86 eh?" I asked.

"Thats right, I'll be here waiting if any of you make it back." He declared.

"How kind of you." I said as I gazed into the battlefield.

"Alright men, move out, we have to secure this area before those Tridents hit the shore."

I quickly directed the troops into the remaining posts and requested a camp to be set up a few miles off the shore. The troops worked quickly I for one was amazed at the Zest they were showing. Then suddenly I felt the ground shake and several of my troops arose and hurried down the shoreline. The sentries started to sound the alarm, and everyone around me started to pick up the pace.

I strapped on my favorite DropPack and loaded as many of my equipment into the backpack.

"Everyone move to the front, I'll head around the side!" I commanded.

"But sir, you can't go alone!!" One of my loyal troops shouted.

"Don't worry, If I die, your in command." I said as I jetted off into the battlefield.

I could see most of my men climbing into their tanks and the rest were busy recalibrating their LAWs. I flew high, because I knew the Tridents would have a harder time spotting me alone.

After 3 minutes of hovering, I heard gunfire below me. It was the Tridents, and A hornet.

The hornet was obviously hidden among the tridents and flew slowly behind them. I continued to stay hidden in the clouds before I managed to figure their objective. They happen to be the ones who took out the attack at Hill 201 and they were coming to claim 86. I grabbed my g9 and took close aim at the pilot. Hoping I could get their attention, I fired a few shots at the hull... The pilot looked up at me and started the hornet's engine...

From that point, I knew that If I didn't do something fast, I would be a goner. I took out my Particle Accelerator that the ENGY had custom build for me. I charged it and took aim at the pilots head.

"This one's for 201!" I shouted at I pressed the trigger...

The shot flew at the hornet, piercing the hull window and shattering the pilots skull. The shot continued down the hull of the hornet, drilling a wide hole in the engine. The hornet spun out of control, and Crashed into the side of one of the tridents. Then all of the tridents stopped... and spun their turrets towards the sky....

I held my breath... and closed my eyes as I could hear the Shells whistling in the air. I engaged my booster one last time... hoping I would maybe live a third time...

I could feel the anticipation of the enemy troops below me, they were aiming to kill me and take 201 with them. And then it happened again... my life--once again, flashed before my eyes, and I was back in my days back at the academy... I couldn't count how many times I was caught trying to play around in the cockpit of the Vehicles.

It happened so fast I couldn't remember it all, but I did remember that I was going to die for real this time if a miracle didn't happen.

Then I heard it, our heavy's had deployed their gauss cannons and had gunned down the 120mm barrels in mid-air. I was blown from my hovering position in the clouds, spun out of control, and crashed into a cluster of sandbags nearby....

It took me a while before I could finally stand up on my own two feet, and I could hear my comm device being flooded with the words of my men.


"CAPTAIN! COME IN, WE CAN'T AFFORD TO LOSE YOU NOW!!!" said a few of my troops.

I couldn't get my Comm device to work and my PA was knocked out of my hand when I went down. I was left with what I had in the DropPack and the jet on the pack had died from the EMP after the explosion.

I threw my Grenade Launcher over one shoulder and my Assualt Rifle over the other, and walked slowly back towards the battlefield.

When I finally reached the battle point I could tell that most of our men had been overpowered by the mass of Tridents. Several of them were falling back and taking cover near where the Hornet had crash landed.

I dropped to my hands and knees, knowing that if I stood too long i'd be picked off by the snipers.

The Hornet was down, so the Tridents were the only card the coll had left to play.

It seemed that none of their captains were currently piloting the Tridents, and it proved how helpless our situation had become.

I took a deep breath and crawled my way down towards the Trident's position.

Luckily there weren't any Ground troops supporting the Tridents so my job was a bit easier--or so I thought.

I loaded my Grenade Launcher, hussled over to a building about 30 meters from one of the Tridents. The pilot was not used to driving a Trident, I could tell from the way he was driving carelessly into rough terrain.

I could hear him talking into his intercom;

"I don't see anything or anyone yet aside from the bogies we're pushing back right now. You guys see anything?"

I couldn't resist, I ran across and hopped onto the back of the Trident. I crawled up the to front where the cockpit was. I pulled open the hatch and Threw a frag in, then shut it tight.... I could feel the explosion under my feet and then the scream of the troop that once occupied the cockpit. The gunner climbed out of his position seconds afterward.... And I emptied a round of my assault rifle into him...

It was a waste, but heak, this is war. No time to correct my mistake. I hopped into the cockpit of the Trident and skimmed through the Combat Field readings. There were 4 Tridents left at 201, and there were a few snipers south of their position.

I decided the snipers posed the most treat so I moved towards them first.

They were hiding behind some trees when I found them, and they were about 40 meters apart each.

I grenaided the first one, grabbed his sniper rifle and dove behind a rock. The sniper beside him soon ran over and I popped a round of AR into his chest.... (cold blooded, but its the only way I can tell to story.) I side stepped and picked off the remaining snipers with the sniper I picked up from the guy I just busted up.

"Working alone is risky, but I run a smaller chance of being discovered..." I said to myself.

"now for the Tridents...."