Trident: Part 3 by BioPlague

As I marched out of the office I saw AJ standing at the hall corner snickering.

"Lunar and I saw it to....and Pig was with us but I don't think he cared."

I stared at AJ for a brief second, then began to chuckle..."How do you always know what's going on?"

He shrugged and laughed "It's all in the wrist!" he said, making a mock kung-fu move with his right hand.

"C'mon, we got work to do" I snorted, shaking my head.

Amazing Jason nodded and followed me down the hall to the tank bays.

"So we going to see this thing or just blow it know it would be much more fun to actually ride in it?"

I said nothing but smiled under my helmet. I knew he was foolhardy and a risk-taker...but capturing enemy property was no laughing matter and something that had been tried unsuccessfully in the past.

"I just wanna get a good look is all. Lets see if hill86 has any defenses and if it does we'll move close as we can."

It seemed Lunar Lord had been reading our minds because he was already standing next to the trident. I looked at him questioningly to which he replied "spy-com" and tapped his helmet.

I cackled and jumped on top of the trident to board the drivers seat. AJ and Lunar got into their respective positions. I started the beast up...listening for the whining purr that sounded it's full throttle.

"OK boys...lets see what they've got."

We jockeyed from the bay and made ur way around the air-support hanger towards hill86. I could hear the popping of automatic gunfire as we rounded the eastern side and turned on all scopes as usual. The enemy had scattered troops throughout the hill, but so did we. I manuevered past the canyon without bothering to target anyone. Lunar and AJ fired indiscriminately into the hills, not really trying to hit anything I imagined...just more suppresion.

"Hill86 this is commander BioPlague, do you copy?"

The static of my helmet lit up "Copy that Bio...good to see some support here finnaly...where the hell they get these green kids we call troops?"

"Keep yer shirt on" I replied. "And keep the comments down...I know I cuss them out a lot but don't let our boys and girls know how bad it is..keep the morale up."

"Yes'am." the sarge stammered into his com.

"OK AJ, when we get to the fence I want you to run over to that mesa and make sure we're not getting flanked by some laws-happy mad-man."

AJ compied without response and returned within seconds with the all clear. We rounded the west side of the concertino wire which was strung across several large tank traps, and found the road north to the titan village (they call it a city).

"Any reports anyone?"


"Ya'll haven't seen anything weird?"

That was the wrong question to ask soldiers meeting death daily, and my intercom burst into life with descriptions of things I had never imagined.

"NO no...I mean have you seen any strange enemy activitiy?"

The sarge at hill86 replied, "Nah we got here yesterday and it has been pretty quiet..too quiet if you ask me."

I knew that whatever had hit us the day before had probably taken hits itself and thus would be in repair bays. Also I knew that Titan rebels were low on supplies and thus any repairs to anything of theirs would take some time.

Calmly I spoke into my intercom as I requested some extra medics to hill86. I knew that an all out call to arms would not only set off the Titan defences but would also alert my superiors to my actions...I had to do this quietly and without error in order to succeed.

"Can I get some fire support to my location?" I purposefully did not give the coords, but a loyal sarge teleported to our position and without one question, began summoning troops near the entrance of the Titan rebel city.

"Take this vehicle." I commanded the sarge. He stood there for a moment...then I could almost feel the jubilation as he jumped onto the tank to take my position. Tanks were damn hard to come by and not everyone got to armor themselves with them. I was sure being this close to the front lines was a worry and the comfort of the added armor would be somehting they would not argue about.

AJ and Lunar joined me as we scurried to the un-manned front bunker of the titan city.

"Lunar, I want you to stay here...any trouble and get us the hell out of here. AJ, follow me."

I was sure we would be caught, killed, recomposed, and court-martialed for this...but I HAD to know...if this was something MY superiors were willing to cover up, then this was something I HAD to know about before I could callousley send my troops to their deaths.

We covered ground quickly as Titan rebel troops seemd pre-occupied trying to take the ridge..they always did this time of day and I knew it.

We entered the far east side of the city and there it seemed to have looked bigger while it was rumbeling towards us blazing away with it's weapons...but it was still darn big.

AJ stood in his tracks looking up at the monster tank.

"What the HELL is that?" he asked.

Suddenly my intercom crackeled with the voice of Mos..."BioPlague this is Mos do you read?"

"Copy that Mos...I'm here."

"Bio you gonna have to get to Kliest's ridge pronto...big amount of troops built up on north face and it looks like a stand-off."

Grumbling I took one last look at the tank and pulled AJ by his right shoulder.

"C'mon let's go...Lunar Lord do you copy? we need out of here now please."

Lunar complied and we were instantly standing next to him in the Ttian rebel bunker.

"Where did that tank go?" I asked looking around the empty fields surrounding the bunker.

Lunar Lord pointed west and shrugged.

I sighed "Ok, take us home...we have work to do."

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