The Pointlessness of War by 7hm

The blood pounds in my ears. My heart in my chest. As I run towards the ladder my sargeant yells at me to hurry. Mortar shells cut his yells short. I reach the ladder. Bullets fly at me from every directions. "Push back the enemy!" I hear screamed into my ear. I see him coming. The Green jumpsuit reflects the sun. His gun pulls around, firing in a wide arc. I hear my heart pounding in my chest. I pull up my rifle. I take aim and dodge the first of his bullets. Jumping to the left I fire at him, keeping my gun aimed towards him. I see the bullets hitting him. He pulls back. I can hear the cries of my comrades as the mortar falls. I chase after him. He runs to the trees, but I see him. I duck and swerve to the right. He shoots and I see him. The shell hits me and my vision clouds with blood for a second, but I shoot. The shotgun shells pump through him and he collapses on the ground.

I run again. I run towards my comrades and fire shots as I go. A medic is with them to help save us. I feel the morpheine pumping through my veins and I wonder at its power. The medic explodes as a grenade thrown from behind us hits him. I turn and pull back behind a rock. I see a grenade pass by me and hit a friend. The shrapnel bounces off his face, and I am hit. I duck low and strafe across the field, filling my enemy's path with bullets. I look behind and see another one. I run towards him. My shotgun is out. I pull it up and shoot. He doesnt see me. He falls to the ground as a grenade flys by from behind me.

The grenade explodes only a few feet in front of me, but I turn around. I dodge to avoid the bullets that follow. I see an opening. I run at him with my rifle, emptying its clip in seconds. He pulls out a shotgun. I push it aside. He screams as my knife dips into his throat. As I pull it out the smell of blood washes over me. "Summon me, I cry into my radio, I need a med!" I sit quietly for a moment. I savor the lull in fighting. Then my insides turn inside out. Pain rushes into me and I feel my senses being altered. I come out of the summon tasting morpheine and smelling colours. My gun is firing wildly until I realise that there are no enemies. I smell shit. I look around at the Titan trenches. The rest of my team is moving south inside the trenches and I follow them. We meet no enemies. I sit down and cradle my gun. A rocket lands beside me and I feel fire burn my body. Pain clouds my sences entirely. The comrades beside me are ashes. I run away as fast as my burned legs can take me. I sit back down and cradle my gun.

The pain is too much for me and I remember no more. I wake in the Titan base. A man with a black moustache stands over me. "I will tell all I know!!!!" I scream for the remainder of my very short life. I wake again some time later in my own base. Worse than the pain, worse than the pointlessness of it all, worse even than dying and being reborn time after time, is the knowledge that it cannot end. Until the sky turns black and the grass blue, I will fight and die forever.