Log Entry 1267 by Fallen Deity

Log entry 1267, Corporal Deity.
Log entry, Corporal Deity.
Tours: 1
Serial no. #21298d4
Race - Human
Sex: Male
Division: 115th Infantry div. "The Hells Angels"
Status: Deceased
Rank: Col.

--------------------!Begin transmission!------------------

The life of a Titan Corporal isn't what the Mercs at the pub described me, Luckily I was graced with the task of manning a ripper. This thing can make an APC into a floating coffin after a few squeezes. This war is getting to me and, after you hear my story... You might just side with my torment out in these bloody killing fields.

I was in the 115th infantry company, we we're just like the rest of the Titans.. under equipped, and relentless running on sprit..and frankly we we're pretty low on that too. Well, it started a few weeks back, I was with a squad comprised of one Jump Trooper, two heavy infantry, two light infantry, and a CO. We we're doing our rounds on the outskirts of "Hill 201"....

-!begin log entry 133-

Sargent: "Sniper! over the ridge!" He exclaims unholdstering his pistol, ducking behind a boulder.

One of our marines.. Private Derrin, took a couple shots, one to the heel and another to the upper shoulder.

Priv. Johnston: (new guy in the platoon, fresh out of recruition, he's about as green as you get.) "What the!? why don't we help him!"

Sargent: "Don't bother, he's dead meat"

Deity: "Tom, I can take him, but I need someone to spot for me..that sniper is gonna get serious soon.."

The sniper plowed two more rounds into Derrin, center mass. He gurgled blood and stretched out, took his last breath and faded.

Sergeant Tomas: "Deity, take Berry with you"

Berry was one of those Jump troopers, a damn good one at that. "JTs" were normally frowned upon, the only people that get any sort of training, rather than just battlefield survival. They're crack shots, and they can drive just about anything. He was a buddy of mine, we've known each other since we were in grade school.

Berry: "Acknowledged, Sir. Deity, that guy is toast. (glints at his incinerator) Toast."

Deity: "ok, rambo (Snicker)...Lets get this fool"

Just as I said that I saw a flash from the right and seconds later heard a cracking sound...I turned over to where my CO was standing....There he was, leaning alongside the bolder he thought would keep him safe, fragments of his skull were strun about the bolder he was laying on. Johnston was petrified his face was splattered crimson with the blood of his CO.

I yelled to the Private.

Deity:"Johnston!, get down, and get that weapon ready, now!"

"Poor kid" I thought, He's not gonna make through this fight.

I turned to Barry and nodded, he handed me a frag and I moved over to Johnston and searched the dead sarge. I took his tag and signaled to the two others, they nodded and dug in..

Barry slid the incin over to the side, and took his gauss rifle from his pack. Ducking down as a few ripper rounds graced the top of the shrub he was sitting behind. He left his pack and sheathed his knife. Barry looks to me and nods...It was time to approach

I loaded another Mag into my ripper, cocked it slowly,strapped it over my shoulder, and ran to the nearest tree over on the left hand side..a silhouette of bullets thumping the soft soil followed me as a ran. Berry followed and ducked behind an overturned APC, Bullets bouncing off the downed carrier as he waits for cover fire..

I look over to the APC and follow the tracer rounds to a small bunker off to the north, about 50 meters away. I squeeze off a few bursts and the marine drops over the red stained sandbags. In the confusion I look behind me and I see Johnston running towards me..

"No, stay back, I need over fire!" I exclaim to him.

Over to the left of the corpse of the dead ripper, a muzzle flashes and Johnston collapses mid sprint, squeezing the trigger due to trauma, the misguided shots tear into the sandbags and through the corpse of the dead ripper, the shooting stops and Johnston falls to his knees..The firing starts again, and his body turns into fragments from the rippers spotter.....Maybe it was anger..or just the hatred of the Collective...I screamed and literally squeezed a mag into the mans chest, his body exploded from all the armor piercing rounds I pumped into him...It was sort of a waste..

But so was Johnston..first patrol, and the man gets greased..what luck...I swear this war isn't looking too good for some of us

Berry clutching his rifle, nods again and I briskly scatter to the sandbags...I fragged an officer, how about that.. didn't even see him here.. he was still clutching his binoculars..I search him over, and take his belt buckle ( well, back at the barracks, I could fetch a good price for this thing) still rummaging through his coat, I hear footsteps and turn around with my ripper sighted on the black shadow hovering over me...It was Berry..

Deity: "Those meatheads safe? I feel sorta bad leaving them.."

Barry: "They're gone, crossfire.."

Deity: "Damn, I guess we greased the sniper"

Barry: "yeah, but... I think there's another bunker off to the left"

Barry points over to a dark patch of trees and a hail of bullets wiz by the small bunker... We slid down the trench and waited for the firing to stop..A brief pause arose and I inch over the sand bags and returned fire... I couldn't tell what I was shooting at, I was just trying to duck their heads...Barry waited..then dashed out of the bunker and over to a tree about 10 meters away.. a muzzle flash emits and he fires a shot over to the flash.. I heard a scream, and then silence... I guess he got him..

I made for a dash out, and a hail of bullets drive into the ground in front of me... I ran back and ducked down.

I looked over to berry, his arm was hit... not too bad.. Just scratch.. in his terms.

I lunge over and squeeze off a few good bursts.. The fire continues..

Berry leaned over, and dashed to the hard spot.... I watched him and squeezed a few more bursts their direction...

I guess berry was in for it, a tree sniper spotted him, and put one in his leg...he fell forwards and pushed a few rounds into the tree... a red corpse fell from the treetop and made a thud.. Berry made a few steps...fell forward and triggered landmine, it was the most horrible thing I've seen... Normally mines are supposed to just maim people..but..he landed on the thing his body parts we're strun about the soil..

I kept firing... I didn't care any more... my best friend just died..and I wouldn't mind joining him now....

----------------!end transmission!---------------