Introduction - TechNiko
Interviewee: TechNiko
Interviewer: 007_Sniper
Date: January 27th - 30th, 2001 (Sony mid-Beta test)
Reason/Significance: Respect must be paid to this IDL Ref, IGBL Ref, and SL Ref. RRRRRRRRRRREFF! :)

TechNiko, Te(h, Tech

Place of Residence:
Near Montreal, Quebec, Canada. In a little peaceful town :)

Real Name (optional):
Nicholas Barzel



Origin of Alias:
Well TechNiko comes from the fact that i love/compose TECHno music, and the niko comes from my name which is Nicholas. Also it can sound like Technique-o so it's nice :) Te(H is just a short for it, i have Tech too but it just doesn't look as unique.

1280x1024 windowed mode, ?viewpercent 0 (i'm always centered in my screen)

Connection Type/Speed:
56k Modem, sometimes a 33.6k connection when my other doesn't work :(

Programs (if any) Closed when Playing Infantry:
Photoshop "sometimes". All the 3D appz and music gear unless i'm playing keyboard with my right hand while typing with the left hand, i'll keep a recording program open.
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