Welcome to the Infantry Archive
Garacaius, 28th March 2012.
Welcome to the infantry archive, over the years of infantry there has been much that has been lost, this website is dedicated to restoring those lost files.
As things have been lost before we should assume that they will be lost again, this website will run as long as I can host it, but as a precaution I am uploading everything contained on this site for download within a single file, the more people that download and store it the less chance we have of losing it all.

Garacaius, 2nd April 2012.
The site has been rearranged somewhat in the past week, Almost all sections have been completed and/or had new content added, a full download archive (.zip) of everything on the site will be hosted shortly.

Infantry History
Background - The original Infantry lore, from the formation of the collective to the current era, including information on planets, factions and much more. Created during the Harmless Games era of Infantry by the dev team, this content is presented in exactly the same format as was originally posted.

Manual - The Infantry "Manual" created by the Harmless Games staff back in 1999 for v0.25, this content has remained unaltered and looks the same now as it did back then.

Development - A look back at the development and ownership of Infantry.

Features - A list of features (and future features) of Infantry, taken from the infantryzone.com website in 2000.

Final Release Notes - The release notes of infantry from v0.03 (April 1, 1998) to v1.55 (March 9, 2010)

Free Infantry revisions - The release notes/revision log of infantry post SOE by freeinfantry.org (backup)