Harmless Games Interviews

My hopes for this section is to provide Nmebase viewers the opportunity to see what makes the people who make our favourite game tick. I also want to clarify what it is they do, how they do it and why they keep signing me up to the Lebanese Lady Lovers mailing lists.

Larry Cordner - Editor programmer of Harmless Games shares his hopes, fears and urinal with Captain Harloch (taken 3rd December, 1999).

Jerimy Weeks - Contract artist turned zone artist/creator. Jerimy shares his goals, his prospects, his fears and most importantly, his shameless abstract map-portraits of his boss' rear with Captain Harloch (taken 11th December, 1999)

Alex Zinner - Captain Harloch has the pleasure of interviewing Alex (aka Ghost Ship) who has recently been instated as an independent contractor to GameFan (not part of HG however). Alex shares his opinions of the game to date, what is in store for Infantry Leagues and other online gaming leagues as well as what will happen to InfantryZone under his command. He also shares his delight in hurting young impressionable jump troopers.

NMEBase "Learn from the Best" Series

Conducted by Captain Harloch, this series aims to give the average player feedback on how the pros do what they do best: kill. Each interview is in a set format allowing comparisons to be drawn between the players. The players listed below are considered in Infantry circles among the best and it pays to listen to their advice:

AKenCoFish - Kenco couldn't get more punctuated but he provides a few good tips for engineers.(Nov, 1999)
Seth - A model infantry, Seth offers more than a stylish mullet haircut in this interview.(Dec, 1999)
Buddhist Monk - BountyHigh champion and master dueler, Buddhist tells his secrets on how to own. (Nov, 1999)
Captain Harloch - I'll pretend i'm l33t. Don't read this one, it'll probably ruin your gameplay.(Dec 1999)
Python - Many say the most cunning of all Commandos in the game. If you're a cloaker, you might find some interesting tactics here (Dec 1999).
Chapel - Considered amongst the best, if not THE best Heavy Weapons and Jump Troopers in the game. Chapel goes into great depth in this interview; if heavy weapons do it for you, check it out.
pet virus - Jack of all trades, pv gives some insight into the tactics that make him amongst the best players in the game. Great Jump Trooper roundup.
Total_Newbie - Named by most of the above interviewees as the best medic in Infantry, which says it all.
X - X. Brilliant heavy weapons round up - check it out - very extensive!
super radish - Excellent roundup of strategy and equipment as only the loudest mouth in Infantry could provide.

NMEBase "iHZ Troubles" Interviews

Hockey never has been more violent with the internal struggle for the rights to the original iHZ between zone creator, VectorBoy and head programmer, JeffP. Conducted by 007_Sniper, this 2-part series helps the community to understand both sides of the story. A definite read:
It is HIGHLY recommended that you read both interviews, and take both with a grain of salt.

VectorBoy - iHZ Zone Creator chats with 007_Sniper on what he thinks of the situation (Sept. '00)

JeffP - Head programmer of Infantry decides to rebuttal vB (Sept. '00)

NMEBase "2001: The Elite" Series

Following in the footsteps of Captain Harloch's "Learn from the Best" series, this latest set of interviews takes place well into the post-Sony Beta test period. Conducted by 007_Sniper, the conversations focus on all aspects of the individual, as it explores the deeper meaning of the game.

The interviews are broken down into 5 easy-to-follow sections:
Introduction - basic background info
Part 1 - Newbism (roots and past)
Part 2 - Squadron Relations (squad experiences)
Part 3 - Present Impressions (thoughts on the current Infantry)
Part 4 - The Future (thoughts on future of self and Infantry)

The purpose of it all is to develop a written history of Infantry to this point, all the while building an understanding of where and how some of the best became that way.

Full homage must be paid to these great members of the Infantry community for lending their time and effort to make this all possible.

BioPlague - Demolitions Specialist with the grace and intelligence fit for a Princess
cccrimson - Long time player, who brings a new meaning to the word "v3t"
Crack Trooper - Although his name isn't the most original, he will take your cake, cram it down your throat, and then 0wn you too
Gommy - It's Gommy; need I say more?
Weltch - From Recruit to League Coordinator, this natural born leader speaks out
Kings Revenge - Alpha tester and long time advocator of l33tness
Stechen - Canadian reporter, but isn't as slow as you may think ;)
Te(h - Well it's about time someone took a look at this hard working slave of Infantry
*Mako - It's a mod!! Quick, spam him for a YankeeCannon!
*VectorBoy - Yes he created iHZ, yes he didn't sign some form, yes he's retired from Infantry, but that doesn't mean we still can't talk
Eikron - The only intelligent interview conducted this month. ;)

2002: Infantry Revisited

After a long break from interviews, more were conducted in the early months of 2002. They don't concentrate on any one aspect of infantry, but instead cover a wide variety of topics, ranging from ex-mods speaking out about their removal from the mod system, to the league admins of the MSL (Mechanized Skirmish League). The interviews are conducted by both 7hm, and Luke Vader.

Lothlorien - Lothlorien speaks out about his experiences with infantry leagues, his time in the moderator system, and his involvement with CTFPL squads.

MSL Admins - Imagine it with me. The Mechanised Skirmish League has just completed its second season, with the staff looking forward to the third. The Admins, Smackrock and PFC_Cruz, are eager to talk to such a prolific reporter as myself (cough :grins:). In the following interview, we examine the state of the MSL, and the path that the future holds for it.

Mar - Mar, also known as Marhault Elsdragon or Mar-, was only the second post sony mod in Infantry history. He is currently the only post sony smod, promoted after an axing as a boss mod for the skirmish zones. He is very well respected throughout the Skirmish community, not only for his mad skillz, but for his kind demeanor and respectful attitude. At the time of this interview he had just recently been promoted.

Research Monkey - Former Moderator and Super Moderator of Infantry Research Monkey talks to Luke about his ideas for Infantry, his experiences as both a Mod and player, and his real life and identity.

* = incomplete