2002: Infantry Revisited - Mar

Interviewee: Mar
Interviewer: 7hm
Date: January 2002
Reason/Significance: Mar, also known as Marhault Elsdragon or Mar-, was only the second post sony mod in Infantry history. He is currently the only post sony smod, promoted after an axing as a boss mod for the skirmish zones. He is very well respected throughout the Skirmish community, not only for his mad skillz, but for his kind demeanor and respectful attitude. At the time of this interview he had just recently been promoted.

7hm: So hallo, how are you, mind if I interview you? (say yes :))

Mar: Im fine :)

Mar: And Sure :)

Mar: (You get no Yes)

7hm: bah

7hm: lamer

7hm: OK firstly congradulations on your little promotion to Boss Mod.

Mar: Thanks

7hm: It is my understanding that this means you will have super moderator powers... true?

Mar: Yes

7hm: Do you have free reign at this point or are there restrictions to what you can do? Account transfers and whatnot..

Mar: There are restrictions

Mar: I cannot give out aliases to people.

7hm: I see. Having fun with the rest of your cool new powers? :)

Mar: Fun? Nope, cant say that I am doing anything different now, then I was before :)

7hm: lol. Yeah I notice you are still modding constantly, to the consternation of your squadmates..
Mar: :)

Mar: Enjoyment, more then anything.

7hm: It must be. In your short time as a moderator you have been extremely active, no doubt one of the factors in your promotion.

7hm: Speaking of which, how long have you been a moderator?

Mar: Hum, I guess Im into my third month.

7hm: Wow. That was quite a fast promotion. Do you think this new system will place more emphasis on activity and results than on experience?

Mar: Yes, however, activity isnt the only thing that would be emphasised. How you handle each problem would also help.

7hm: Thats good to hear, I, as well as many others, will be looking forward to seeing this new system in action. And of course everyone would like to see just how well it will work.

7hm: Can you talk at all about the duties that come with your promotion?

Mar: Sure

7hm: In that case, what are some of the duties that you will be expected to fulfill in your new position as Boss Mod? :)

Mar: I, along with the other boss mods, will be incharge of hiring/firing mods, as well as training the new ones. We also watch over what the mods do, and give them help when they need it.

7hm: Ah, so pretty much the smod jobs of the past. We'll get back to this in a moment, I was just wondering where that leaves Weltch and crimson? To watch over the watchers?

Mar: More or less, they also will be incharge of making the rules that we follow

7hm: Interesting... Well back to you then, do you feel up to the task of being a Boss Mod? Thats quite the responsability.

Mar: I feel up to it, but only time can really tell us :)

7hm: :)

7hm: More on the mods then. How do you feel about this batch? Are they up to the challenge? Will they be enough?

Mar: Hum, well, the current "batch" of mods will not be enough to give good coverage of all the zones. That is why there are some zone mods being discussed about, in which will have power in specific
zones, in which to give better coverage to the players.

7hm: Would the current moderators also fall under zone by zone restrictions? Or would they remain powered thoughout Infantry?

Mar: I believe that hasnt been determined yet

7hm: And what would you suggest to those who want to be moderators? Is spamming you a good bet? :)

Mar: NEVER ask

7hm: So thats a no. :)

Mar: The best suggestion I can give is do what you can to help the community.

7hm: Well thank you for your time Mar, and once again congradulations on your promotion and good luck to you in the coming weeks and months.

Mar: Thanks