Introduction - Kings Revenge
Interviewee: Kings Revenge
Interviewer: 007_Sniper
Date: January 29th, 2001 (Sony mid-Beta test)
Reason/Significance: A dedicated player from way back during the Harmless Games' Alpha test.

Kings Revenge (with prefix statements for which class I'm using)

Place of Residence:
Jessup, Maryland

Real Name (optional):
Eric Wright



Origin of Alias:
It came from a little handheld game my sister had, and a move was called Queens' Revenge. It was one of my favorite moves, so then I decided to use Kings Revenge for my name since I'm a dood.

I currently run infantry at 1024x768

Connection Type/Speed:
I have a 56k modem but connect at 26400.

Programs (if any) Closed when Playing Infantry:
Most of the time I dont close any unless it's match time but I always have to have ICQ closed down due to the resource hog it has.
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