iHZ Troubles: VectorBoy

Interviewee: vB
Interviewer: 007_Sniper
Date: September 2000
Reason/Significance: VectorBoy talks to 007_Sniper after the debacle over his refusal to sign the release forms that were needed to maintain hosting of the Infantry Hockey Zone, and to continue hosting of Atlantis.

007_Sniper: Hiya vB.

vB: hehe i thought i'd wake up this morning with floods of messages and emails

vB: do you want to know why i won't sign?

007_Sniper: go on...

vB: because i'm looking into a career of game design, i want to include my zones in my portfolio for my level work/experience

vB: If i sign, the contract jeff gave me, i would not be able to use ANY of the art i made for my zone(s) or the zones themselves, that's my main reason.

007_Sniper: I see.

vB: i want to be able to showcase my work that i've done, a way of 'proving' that i have experience

vB: if i signed, i wouldnt have that proof

007_Sniper: Considering your age, your work now is crucial later on in terms of a showcase.

vB: exactly

vB: in two years give or take i'm planning on moving to texas and working at retro, the requirements of the job i am looking at has level design as a requirement

007_Sniper: But what about all us HZ Die Hards?

vB: i wanna keep hz up, but i am looking out for myself more than anyone else

007_Sniper: yeah, I might have done something similar in your shoes to be quite honest.

007_Sniper: The HZ Community is dedicated. It's understandable the way they reacted.

vB: yeah well... i dont know, i told jeff to leave it up as long as he could


vB: i always said i'd go out with a bang

vB: this way i think i've accomplished that

vB: made a successful zone, got a good player base who knows me

vB: and then its gone, that player base will always know who i was/am

007_Sniper: Most ppl would prefer that you don't go at all.

vB: i know

vB: but yankee and co want me gone

vB: frankly i dont care, i have a full plate with other jobs

vB: i might just drop the entire vectorboy thing

vB: i'm starting into my professional career

007_Sniper: Vector Man?

vB: i may just keep it Dean-NS from now on, idont care

vB: i'll use VectorBoy in any games i play, but thats next to none now days

vB: i do my work and i love it, honestly i have no need for infantry

vB: only thing that was keeping me here was atlantis

vB: now that it wont get hosted i have no place here

007_Sniper: Do you see a possibility of using the very core of HZ and merely revise it to have the same physics, classes, etc, but with a facelift? Or does HG have to start from scratch?

vB: they could literally NOT make a hockey zone

vB: if i dont sign, there cannot be ANY game remotely close to hockey

007_Sniper: Ouch.

vB: if they do however make a game with the same concept, i can sue, and i will, if the time arises

007_Sniper: Why sue?

vB: i'm going through the process of copyrighting the game type

vB: i'm copyrighting the work, and the play of 'hockey style zones' in infantry

007_Sniper: I see.

vB: if they infringe on that a lawsuit will be heard

vB: i've had enough of being bossed around and not being paid for my job

007_Sniper: But would it be worth all the effort of lawyers, time, and money?

vB: in the long run yes

vB: and i hope someone is logging this

007_Sniper: Don't worry, I am.

vB: good

007_Sniper: INC (NMEBase) Exclusive. :)

vB: because i made this zone, they didnt want to pay me for my efforts

vB: they wanted the zone and all its success for FREE.. i spent 5 months of my life doing this thing

vB: never seeing a penny

007_Sniper: How about other player-created zones such as CM from Judicator?

007_Sniper: Word is that he signed the release forms.

vB: that is not my business nor my care

vB: you'd have to talk to him

vB: well he made an error...

vB: if he has any plans to include anything in a portfolio he's screwed

vB: the agreement merely says.. you give all properties to harmless games, and will dESTROY all copies on your computer, if you dont then you'll get sued etc

vB: i'm like fuck that

vB: its a bullshit statement to begin with

007_Sniper: Scary how HG could offer such a proposal.

vB: they're idiots

vB: suffice it to say they're begging and on their knees

vB: they are trying to take the easy way out

vB: they're trying to acquire all the zones for free and then selling them and the creators dont see a penny

007_Sniper: I mean, by this, they don't seem to care much for the creators of the zones.... hate to know what they have in store for the players.


007_Sniper: Is the prospect of HG paying you for the zone (either lump sum or royalties) actually possible considering your age?

vB: yes

007_Sniper: Will it be legally binding to do so?

vB: yup. legal age for that stuff in canada is 13 i think

007_Sniper: I see, but HG is an American-based company.

vB: but i am legally.. meaning paid copyright and papers on the game type copyrighting the zone and its contents

vB: if ANYthing is used .. gameplay, or original art by me, i will sue without haste

vB: the zone was made by a canadian, in canada, on a canadian computer.

vB: it follows canadian law

007_Sniper: That's for the courts to decide, should it come to that.


vB: i am leaving now,

007_Sniper: May I quote you?

vB: yes

007_Sniper: Thanks vB. And good luck.

vB: cya