Introduction - BioPlague
Interviewee: BioPlague
Interviewer: 007_Sniper
Date: January 7th - 9th, 2001 (Sony mid-Beta test)
Reason/Significance: Core player of the Infantry community and member of V-Tech, one of the oldest remaining squads


Place of Residence:

Real Name (optional):



Origin of Alias:
Well my brothers and sister and I have always been very close, and being the genius prodigy that we all are (tongue in cheek) we were also drunken conspiracy theorists. My three brothers had been playing Subspace forever, and I started playing under BioTech's teachings of the leviathin. Then I didn't have time to do anything at home for awhile, and when I did again, the oldest sibling had kind of annexed my name on SS and was in some squad and stuff, and I had to get it back in Infantry and yell at him to stay off and stuff, it got ugly, but anywho...
The conspiracy, of course, was that of teenage angst and serious heavy metal/punk music to bake it all in. Stewed with shiner boch and some very tasty seasonings and herbs, we decided that the disease A.I.D.S. was manufactured either on purpose or by accident, and released on the same terms. BioTech is the group who experiment with life and are "god", and BioPlague is the result, and death. To touch the BioPlague is to die, and hence cool names for a video game where you kill people, a lot.

1076x768; I got a cool monitor from Santa Claus

Connection Type/Speed:
Earthlink/Sprint Dialup on v.90/56k (ModemBlaster)

Programs (if any) Closed when Playing Infantry:
I keep ICQ on full open, and that's way I lag out bad; I know I have a message (heheheh) but that's all. My video has some doowhicky on the toolbar that has to stay there for some reason, and then there's all that windows crap I see when you Ctrl+Alt+Del and I know when you play SS you have to turn off the Armon program, but I just leave that stuff going for Infantry as this is the most stable system I have ever had in it's decade of life.
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