Goodbye Infantry SONG #2 by Aborts

Goodbye Infantry SONG #2 (Download MP3)

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oh no infantry is gone,
this shit's really goin on,

Angelus also known as kevin,
has prayed this game since he was ereven,

angela plaps sends you his love,
restraining order booted from UW,

vent sex happens once in awhile,
just make sure you push record in style,

aborter we thought you were one of those gays,
who the hell is michowns anyways,

oh no infantry is gone,
this shit's really goin on,

Proph was bad grover was worse,
god decided asians needed to be cursed,

Structures mad but who really cares,
he's busy spearing all of his ingrown hairs,

moose we had issues just let it go,
nbc has a ginger jew fro,

demote and rocky use to have no dicks,
listen on vent they sounded like black chicks,

everyone's grown up time to say goodbye,
tears of laughter running down your eyes,

infantry the end is near,
so long to dodge the last engineer,

so once again I mean no shame,
one last hoorah for our pathetic game,

oh by the way flair is dead,
by doug's homoerotic cumshot straight to his head,

it was fun lasted too long,
now I'm going to end this musically triumphant song,