Goodbye Infantry SONG #1 by Aborts

Goodbye Infantry SONG #1 (Download MP3)

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oh no infantry is gone,
what the fuck going on,

first of all flair is gay,
no one likes an emo anyway,

gallet and metal both have dicks,
remember when they said they were chicks,

herth bowl cries while he works his abs,
watches jersey shore while he cures his crabs,

hans and carn moved far away,
laggy server wouldn't let them play,

wolven and force have a digital vendetta,
Sine Fein drinks to make fat women look betta,

oh no infantry is gone,
what the fuck is going on,

phlow please tell me how much you make,
while skunky shares how to cook marijuanah cake,

albert has a tiny wong,
majan ching chong wolla wolla bing bang bong,

will j star that name makes me lol,
it sure belongs in a budget porno,

chuckie's in jail or at least he was,
ZMN became a cop just because...

so thats my song version one,
sorry if i pissed off anybody.