Infantry Editors

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Infantry Editors

Post by TheDevice » Fri Jan 21, 2011 7:33 pm

BorgDrone3of5 wrote:I've been collecting different versions of all the editors, i'm hosting them on my website.

You can download all of the editors here.

If you have any versions of the editors that I don't have please send them to me!

Here is an overview of the editors:

Versions: v0.24, v0.16

Edits .blo and .lvb files. I don't notice any difference between the two versions, however v0.24 probably has been updated to display v5 CFS files.

Versions: v0.21

This lets you take a bitmap of frames and converts it to a CFS file. It also lets you edit CFS files options as well as decompile them. I do not believe this can handle v5 CFS files.

Infantry CFG Editor
Versions: v0.07
Configuration File: iceHelp.cfg

This allows you to edit a config file for a zone (.cfg). It is also goes by the acronym ICE. It takes a .cfg file called iceHelp.cfg that provides descriptions of all of the settings you can modify.

Map Editor
Versions: v0.99

Lets you edit maps.

Item Editor
Versions: v0.126, v0.109

Lets you edit Infantry Item files (.itm). It stores the data for all the items in a zone. Version 0.126 will only let you edit newer item files while 0.109 will only let you edit item files for Free Infantry.

LIO Editor
Versions: v0.65, v0.38

An editor for Level Interactive Objects which are stored in LIO files (.lio).

Skill Editor
Versions: v0.38

Edits Infantry Skill files (.rpg) which contain the information pertaining to classes and skills for an Infantry Zone.

Vehicle Editor
Versions: v0.81, v0.65

Allows you to edit Infantry Vehicle files (.itm) which contain information pertaining to the vehicles in a certain zone.

Versions: v0.03

This takes a series of bitmaps with the filenames ending in 000.bmp, where 000 is an index for a frame. This takes individual frames in individual files and puts them all together in a single bitmap in a format that CFSConvW can handle.

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Re: Infantry Editors

Post by ayb » Mon Jan 24, 2011 12:39 am

sweet ive been looking for these thnx device
now ill c if i can learn something about this game

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Re: Infantry Editors

Post by 3K-WEREWOLF » Sat Nov 26, 2016 12:13 pm

The above editors have dead links. Here's an updated link to our Finland brothers: infantry arena.

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Re: Infantry Editors

Post by Borg » Fri Aug 18, 2017 8:37 pm

I fixed the links.

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