CTF:X (new)

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CTF:X (new)

Post by Palm » Tue Mar 12, 2013 3:18 pm

Coming Soon(TM)..

I kind of fucked up on the map and set it to close to the walls, so it wont compile at all, I am in the process of copy and pasting bases over and restarting on things. Hopefully i will have it done this weekend. My bad guise.


ON ANOTHER NOTE.... CTF:TP has been receiving updates to build population for pre-CTF:X war.


P.S. any bugs you still run into, please find me ingame or PM me here on the website, also you can find me on IRC. I wont be on after the 13th pretty much at all unless needed. So IRC or the website will be the best place to reach me. You can also E-Mail me which sends to my phone. E-Mail address is located if you click my profile here. Cheers!

P.S.S. I need a name for the new CTF:X zone, i have some ideas but would like some input from you the playerbase. Let's make this a team effort. Post any zone names here for a future poll once i gather enough. Thank you again


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Re: CTF:X (new)

Post by Lightsteal » Wed Aug 03, 2016 1:52 pm

Is CTF-X coming?

Was my fav game mode 17 years ago~!

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