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Infantry Online

Welcome to the world's first and only massive multiplayer online isometric shooter.

About Infantry Online

Infantry Online pits you against hundreds of players in real-time, fast paced tactical combat. Use momentum to your advantage and to your enemies detriment as your bullets and explosive shrapnel ricochet using Infantry's Newtonian physics model. Plan your attack from the shadows and ambush your enemy thanks to Infantry's real-time Fog of War visibility model.

With a vast collection of player-made game arenas, enter the bloodbath in Skirmish and Frontlines Zones, the dynamic and base defense-oriented Capture The Flag Zone, and dominate the space in Fleet Zone. Survive with your team against the neverending tide of computer-controlled AI in Zombie Zone, or play against the swarm of player aliens in Bug Hunt. The choice is yours.

Surface & Space Combat

Every zone in Infantry Online is player-made, using the development tools available to you.

Infantry Online Twin Peaks

Skirmish / Frontlines

Featuring a set of open terrain maps, engage in bloody team-based combat using nothing more than guns, guts and grenades.

Go further in close-quarter tactical situations in the advanced Skirmish zone Frontlines with canopy and bunker-laden environments featuring an expanded set of items and traps.

Take control of multi-player vehicles and bi-ped walkers in Mechanized Skirmish, featuring some of the most grand-scale combat scenarios.

Skirmish and Frontlines zones are recommended for new players who wish to learn the basics of Infantry Online.


Experience a cornerstone of Infantry-based gameplay in this highly tactical, base-defense driven zone.

Offering a competitive armory of weapons, items, and the ability to build defensive and offensive structures, CTF is one of the oldest and highly rated running zones in Infantry.

CTF is recommended for players who are seeking the thrill of the toughest combat scenarios in Infantry Online.

Cosmic Rift Game

Cosmic Rift

Picking up where Subspace/Continuum left off, Cosmic Rift brings Infantry-style gameplay back into space.

This zone showcases the flexibility in Infantry Online, as nearly every aspect of the User Interface is custom-tailored for Cosmic Rift.

Cosmic Rift features the same fidelity of ground-based Skirmish combat combined with a frictionless environment and an assortment of gravity and portal items.

Fleet StationPass SOE


Two space colonies battle for territory in one of Infantry Online's biggest zones. Board massive, multi-player ships and engage in an all-out territory war in Fleet.

Harvest and steal enemy supplies, build defense structures and frigates, and assail the enemy mothership, Fleet offers one of the most dynamic space game scenarios to date.

...and many other zones.

Leagues & Competitive Gameplay

Infantry Online is proud to host the United Skirmish League and the CTF Public League.

League matches are held during weekends. We recommend new players to spectate league matches to get a better understanding of the high-level gameplay that Infantry Online offers.

For more information, to participate as well as to see videos of previous games, visit the Infantry Online League Website.

Community Supported & Player-Driven Development

Since 2003, Free Infantry has been the custodian of Infantry Online that sought to allow players to create and host zones that they want to play. A number of features within the game – pioneered by our small community – have found their way into the official servers. With Sony Online Entertainment shutting the servers down, Free Infantry has brought the community back together in full. Today, we finance, maintain and grow Infantry Online into a bigger and better game.

To this end, Free Infantry has open-sourced the entire server infrastructure required to host the zones, and provides all the tooling that you require to build your own zones.

In addition, you can reach the development team through the forums and the IRC channel – #infantry on irc.synirc.org.

Frequently Asked Questions

I can't connect to the server / can't register an account (server error)

Make sure that you have port 1010 open on both your Windows Firewall as well as your router/modem.

Ensure that your settings.ini and default.ini have the following configurations:


Note that you may need use Run As Administrator with Notepad for the changes to take effect.

I forgot my username / password

You can use the Launcher's Forgot Password functionality. Alternatively, you can speak to one of our admins in the Discord Channel for account-related inquiries.

Map editor crashes / won't render properly

Run Windows XP inside of a VM. We highly recommend you use Microsoft Virtual PC along with Windows XP Mode. Other virtualization software (VMWare, Virtual Box) work as well.

Otherwise, we recommend that all tools be run in Compatibility Mode with 16-bit Color Mode checked. Experiment with settings until you find a combination that works for your system.

How can I play on a Mac?

We recommend installing Windows via the Boot Camp software that’s pre-installed with the majority of Mac’s. This is the easiest method and has been tested by many of our players.

Boot Camp simply let's you switch between macOS and Windows without effecting the current OS install.

Please follow the instructions here: https://support.apple.com/en-gb/boot-camp

Other options exist such as Geforce NOW and Parallels but have not been fully tested.